Yishun Shop sells Covid-19 care packages for Qing Ming, they contain herbal teas and vaccines

Joss Paper Shop in Yishun Offers Covid-19 Care Packages for Qing Ming Festival

With Covid-19 cases still on the rise here, Covid-19 care packages are popular among Singaporeans these days.

And it looks like it’s not just the living who could use some love in the form of care packages.

Kian Mei Heng Joss Stick, a joss paper shop in Yishun, is selling Covid-19 care packages for the upcoming Qing Ming festival.

It seems that even our ancestors can remain well protected against the virus this year.

Covid-19 care packages for ancestors

During the Qing Ming festival, families would often burn offerings of silver incense paper, clothing, or electronic devices for their ancestors.

Kian Mei Heng Joss Stick in Yishun is offering Covid-19 Joss Paper Care Packages to keep up with the trend.

It comes with paper offerings that look like syringes, vaccines, Chinese medicine, and herbal teas.

These essential items are believed to help treat coughs and flu.

Mainly bought by young people

This is the second year in a row that Kian Mei Heng Joss Stick has sold paper offers related to Covid-19.

Talk with MS NewsMr. Ang Twon Yew, one of the partners running the store, said the demand for these packages has increased over the past year.

So this year, the store has decided to increase its offer of these products.

Most of the customers who buy the care packages are young people. Mr. Ang shared that it is because many of them find it intriguing.

He said most seniors are more likely to buy care packages that include the typical offerings like watches, clothes or wallets.

Ang also shared that customers often request ART test kits to be used during the Qing Ming festival as well.

However, they are not selling Joss Paper ART kits at this time.

Unconfirmed drugs to treat Covid-19

The use of traditional Chinese medicine products, such as Lianhua Qingwen products included in the joss paper care package, to treat Covid-19 symptoms was very popular last year.


Claims that these products could treat or help with Covid-19 have been circulating on Telegram and social media.

However, the Health Science Authority (HSA) has since said these drugs are not confirmed to be a cure for Covid-19.

TCM product approved for cough and flu relief only, not to treat Covid-19: HSA

They explained that there was no scientific evidence showing that herbal products could prevent or treat Covid-19.

However, these medicines can still be used to treat normal flu symptoms, such as a runny or stuffy nose, cough, or headache.

Check for yourself

Many Chinese families will pay homage during the Qing Ming festival and make ritual offerings to their ancestors.

It is heartening to see that such stores are still thriving and adapting with the times as the younger generation follows the tradition.

If you want to check out one of these care packages, here’s how to get there:

Kian Mei Heng Incense Stick
Address: Block 293 Yishun Street 22, Singapore 760293
Contact number: 67561083
Nearest MRT station: Yishun

You might even want to buy some for the Qing Ming Festival taking place on April 5th.

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Image featured by MS News.

Laura J. Boyer