World Environment Day: Noida company launches upcycling campaign

A Noida-based green decor company has recycled six lakh bottles, recycled 22 tons of salvaged wood and saved 1,500 trees to make your home look beautiful.

This company, Kavi – the poetic art project, makes a variety of lamps and keychains from recycled wine and beer bottles, craft clocks, wall art, bags, cushion covers and other items with fully recycled waste. Launched in 2012 with three products and 2,000 as an investment, they now have over 400 products to offer.

“When we started, it was just a project, an idea. We obtained three products made from recycled waste: a photo frame, a lamp and a “gullak” (savings bank). We sold all our products in 10 days. We were three partners, all working journalists, and we didn’t know if it was going to click,” said Madhuri Balodi, one of the founding partners.

According to the founders, Kavi is a one-of-a-kind eco-label that brings poetry to life in living spaces in the form of visual concepts.

“We now offer personalized recycled gift options with a hand-created literary touch. What sets Kavi apart is that each product is created entirely by hand by a dedicated team of artists and can be personalized with a little note or poem. Kavi stands for socially and environmentally responsible production and aims to use recycling and local craftsmanship in its vision and goal of promoting poetry and a green lifestyle among young urban consumers,” said Amit Singh, another co-founder.

Laura J. Boyer