‘Wild as Her’ Singer Corey Kent Faces Label Bidding War: Inside Track – Billboard

Nashville has its sights set on Corey Kent, with several major country houses offering to sign the singer-songwriter.

In recent months, the independent artist – who has signed to Triple 8 Management and Combustion Music for publishing – has risen to the country charts without the help of a major label, thanks to streaming continuum of his song “Wild as Her”. The song can be found at No. 40 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart, while Kent rose to No. 23 on the all-genre Emerging Artists chart.

“Wild As Her” has earned 18.6 million official US on-demand streams and 6,000 downloads, according to Luminate (formerly MRC Data). Meanwhile, Kent’s catalog has gained 35.4 million US streams, according to Luminate.

Now Kent has fielded calls from eight to 10 labels, sources say Billboard, including three major Nashville labels. Kent and his team believe it could be several weeks before a decision is made.

“We’ve worked hard to build a lasting independent career over the past 10 years,” the 27-year-old Oklahoma native said. Billboard. “We weren’t commercial labels and booked over 100 shows last year and we just kicked it off. It feels like something that now I can choose my teammates and members. It’s like, ‘Who is the best option on the table and who is the best fit?’ The most important thing is: ‘Do they have passion for what we do and what can they offer us that we cannot do ourselves?’ Going to country radio is going to be amazing.

Kent recently signed with WME for global bookings representation, working with WME Nate City and Hayley Riddle. And he’s the latest of a handful of country artists to sign label deals after viral hits, including Warner Records artist Warren Zeiders, UMG Nashville’s Priscilla Block and Sony Music Nashville’s Andrew Jannakos. The success of “Wild as Her” builds on Kent’s old songs, including “Ain’t My Day” and “Gold.” In 2020, he independently released the album From Westand followed up last year with ’21.

“While there has been a lot of label interest both in Nashville as well as New York and LA, Corey will end up with a label in Nashville,” Triple 8 Management said. George Couri. “Most labels worry about getting lost in a massive roster, most of which don’t grow. If it’s a priority, we need to structure a deal that takes advantage of this heat that we have now – but also structure it so that we can guarantee, contractually, that we can continue to build it even if the heat fades.

Laura J. Boyer