What is a tag sale? Process explained as ABC prepares to release The Great American Tag Sale starring Martha Stewart

ABC is about to release its new show, The Great American Tag Sale, with Martha Stewart Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 8:00 p.m. ET. The special will feature a unique sale by none other than legendary American businesswoman Martha Stewart, where she will bid farewell to some of her prized artwork and furniture and find them a forever home.

The show’s official synopsis reads:

“Martha Stewart, known for turning everyday life into an art form, is ready to part ways with pieces from her vast collection of furniture, art and homewares in this new hour-long special. Over the years, Martha has amassed an assortment of items that range from fine art to trinkets.”

During the special The Great American Label Saleshe will intrigue viewers with “great memories of how these beloved items were acquired” and offer expert advice on how to execute a successful tag sale.

What is a tag sale? Details and process explained

Tag Sale is similar to a traditional garage sale in its concept of selling goods. Yet, the main difference is that the former is usually handled by professionals or experts who know the field well.

Sales of this type are considered an upgrade from a conventional yard sale or an unmediated online sale of items like Craigslist. Whether someone is moving or liquidating their estate, they have to sell items in their home that they no longer need. With regard to these sales, individuals benefit from professional advice to help them sell their goods and achieve maximum profit.

The team handling a particular tag sale comes on-site to catalog and measure the items. They decide on a description that would appeal to the relevant audience and photograph them in the most engaging way.

Once the auction goes live, many local bidders bid on the items, resulting in a subsequent increase in price and substantial profit margins. Many agencies offer easy online sales that do the same. They also factor in high speed (faster sales) and privacy without the hassle of self-directed sales.

Tag sales fall under the category of real estate sales. They can also be conducted while grieving someone by putting and listing items belonging to the recently deceased. Since the family cannot handle complicated logistics during this difficult time, professional help goes a long way.

Agencies organize meetings with individuals/groups wishing to organize the sales. Once the needs are met, a contract is signed and the dates will be decided. The team of local experts will visit the site to take photos and catalog the items, after which the same will be posted on the online website for the auction.

Once the items are sold and the transactions are processed, the team will visit the house and ask local bidders to pick up the items they successfully bid on within 5-10 hours.

On ABC The Great American Tag Sale with Martha Stewart, she will not only be hosting a series of tag sale events. Yet she will also be hosting an exclusive cocktail party for “celebrities and neighbors to preview the sale.” The show’s trailer saw Kris Jenner appear on a video call as well as attorney Sunny Hostin and comedian Joy Behar visiting the sale.

The show is produced by Walt Disney Television’s new alternative production unit. Martha Stewart and Jen Patton are executive producers.

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