Weston Company unveils new £1.5m campus at Worle Parkway

2:08 PM 8 April 2022

A marketing and media company from Weston has unveiled its newly renovated campus in Worle.

The Ascot Group’s new ‘state-of-the-art’ £1.5million headquarters is located at Worle Parkway and will include electric car charging stations, a fully equipped gym and a ‘well stocked’ bar » for more than 100 employees.

At the VIP opening ceremony last week, more than 120 business leaders and officials hailed the renovations, including Weston Mayor Cllr James Clayton.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The campus is part of our company’s extensive ongoing investments to build a world-class marketing, media and technology business in the region.

“Visitors were treated to an exclusive guided tour of the facilities, followed by an aperitif and a networking event.

“Spanning three sites and housing more than 100 employees, the new facilities will also include a brand new recording studio, a social space with an arcade machine and a television with streaming services and a high-tech music system.

“There’s also an air exchange system that removes stale air and pumps out a constant flow of fresh, clean air. In addition to adaptive LED lighting that adapts to outside sunlight and d a bike park for staff.”

Ascot Group has unveiled its new business park at Worle Parkway.
– Credit: Ascot Group

Ascot Group Chief Executive Andrew Scott said: “The Ascot campus is the result of millions of pounds of investment and many years of hard work.

“We were thrilled to finally open the doors to the wider business community.

“Since I started Ascot Group in Weston over 15 years ago, I have believed passionately in the enormous potential of our great city.

“Others sometimes struggle to see this potential – but for me it’s a great location and a wealth of untapped local talent that will make it the perfect place to do business.

“During our grand opening, we welcomed many people and showed them that there is much more to Weston than tourism. It marked the first day of an exciting new adventure and this is just the beginning of our ambitions for the months and years to come.

Ascot Group was founded in 2004 by Mr Scott and is one of the UK’s leading marketing, media and technology groups. Its offices also include London and Bristol.

At the start of the year, the group welcomed 36 new employees to the site.

Laura J. Boyer