VShojo enters the world of Vtuber as the next western agency of Vtuber


If anything good happened in 2020, it would be the emergence of Virtual Youtubers or Vtubers.

Since the growing popularity of Hololive, Nijisanji, and other independent Vtubers, he’s been a growing force for smiles, good times, healthy stories, obscene times, and an overall brilliant year. While it was more and more popular this year, some argue that this popularity would not have happened without pioneers like Kizuna Ai, Kaguya Luna, Shiro or even Zone-Tan who had done well before the idea and the term “Vtubers” were not coined. But that’s not the main focus here.

The recent boom in Vtubers has gained worldwide recognition and shows no signs of stopping. From its boom in Japan, then from its expansion to the eastern territories until now an exposure to the West and the Americas. While major groups like Hololive have incorporated English-speaking Vtubers into their ranks and the existence of other independent Western Vtubers here in America, it begs the question whether the West would ever establish an official company in the affairs of Vtubers. There is a company by the name Tsunderia (Thanks Bane Plane) who’s based in the West before, although he hasn’t gained as much traction. However, there is a new business that has gone public.

For the next Western Vtuber agency, VShojo entered the fray in the world of Vtubers.

Co-founded by one of the original founders of Twitch, Justin “theGunrun“Ignacio and Phillip”Mowtendoo”Fortunat, a popular YouTuber who will have a long history of 3D Motion Graphics, who will serve as CTO. VShojo’s mission statement is that it is a talent-driven company dedicated to the growth and success of its members. They want to cross and push the boundaries of Vtubing and foster content while maintaining respect for the people and businesses that have helped.

As for the talent they currently have, the line up is varied and prolific in the West. The list consists of Projekt Melody, the Vtuber who became the first virtual Cam Girl on Chaturbate, which broke the site and is illegal in several countries due to its obscene beginnings. Nyatasha Nyanners, hurt in the form of a catgirl. Her goal is to be an idol and take over the world. Those who grew up with YouTube will know her before her debut in October. One of the obscene / cute queens of the older YouTube generation. Arpicot (Froot), an English necromantic lich who wants to own her own virtual fashion brand. She is also an artist, her artist name being BSApricot. Zentreya, a half-human dragon fan of metal. Originally a war general, but decided to rebrand himself as the red dragon we see here. She uses a translator to speak, but this usually leads to funny situations due to translation errors. Silvervale, and the spirit of Okami who ventures into the human world out of solitude. She is best described as the best balance between healthy and obscene. Although this can be easily applied to the rest of the list. But if you hear it “Ara ~ Ara ~”, tighten your heart for it is a moe ~ shoot. She was also featured in a Twitch special organized by Felicia Day.

Zentreya, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Nyatasha Nyanners, Apricot (Froot), Hime Hajime

Ironmouse, the Puerto Rican demon embodied by chaos. Also obscene and sane, but if you want a demon with the attitude and energy of a thousand suns, look no further. Additionally, she advocates for the public to donate plasma, as she revealed that she suffers from Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) and is undergoing plasma treatment. Finally is Hime Hajime, a well-endowed alien / dragon / robot hybrid from a distant planet. She is the only one who has not officially debuted, as her start date has yet to be determined. As for her personality, she adores alcohol and video games, and apparently she gets her name from an eroge.

These ladies were chosen to be the first to represent the Vtubers of the West because of their history and the hard work they put into their content and craftsmanship. With the characters they play, they all show a side of humanity and humility which is refreshing in 2020. For all the longtime followers on their Twitter accounts, they all have their own issues and struggles, like CVID from Ironmouse. However, the communities they built and supported them during this time make these women such a star in the world of Vtuber. From what I have seen and heard of their stories, these ladies are healthiness at its best. Mix that up with some lewd antics and funny mayhem, and you’ve got a bunch of humans and some anime fun that’s sure to be. moe ~.

Hololive has had the market for Vtubers since their emergence. Seeing now that the West is finally putting its own business in competition is inspiring. It may also inspire other independent Vtubers from the west to reach such heights or even join VShojo. The prospect and possibility of all of this is endless, and for my part, I can’t wait to see what VShojo has in store for the West and the world of Vtubing.

You can see them on their official website at VShojo.com.


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