US-12 Garage Sale – “Michigan’s Longest” – Scheduled August 12-14

Michigan’s longest yard sale is coming, all along US-12 across the state. Kris Martin of the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission told WSJM News that the US 12 Heritage Trail garage sale will take place the weekend of August 12-14. a variety of stops.

“At US12Heritage, people have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of choices,” Martin said. “You can expect everything from antiques to automotive equipment to music as well as sometimes local art and a wide range of local produce.”
Martin says some people make a weekend off of selling.

“It’s about a 200-mile ride, so sometimes people break it down into a weekend activity. Some people will bring trailers or large vehicles and make it a fun attraction.
The US 12 Heritage Trail garage sale was started in 2003. Martin says it’s not only fun, but also a chance to learn about the history of US-12. US-12 was officially created in 1825 when the federal government allocated $3,000 for a federal highway, the second in the nation. It was laid out along an old Native American trail and has been in use ever since. US-12 runs from Detroit to Aberdeen, Washington. You can find out more here.


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Laura J. Boyer