Twitch streamer trolled after trying to prove she had a boyfriend


The character behind virtual Twitch streamer CodeMiko was joked live after trying to prove to her questionable conversation that she had a boyfriend by calling him, only to pretend he was AI software.

When it comes to virtual streamers, the animated characters can look so realistic that it can be weird to think how different the person behind the mask must be, which can lead to some confusing storylines.

CodeMiko is a virtual streamer who has become known for the enormous scale of interactivity on her streams, with remarkable technology used to bring the pastel personality to life.

Behind the scenes of it all is the creator dubbed “ The Technician, ” who often skips to the end of CodeMiko streams just to chat with his audience in the classic Just Chatting format.

Twitch: CodeMiko

CodeMiko is a virtual streamer with 50,000 followers on Twitch

In a December 9 stream, the technician was ending a stream and tried to explain to her viewers that she did have a boyfriend in real life. One reviewer said ‘stop driving us and just admit you have a boyfriend’ to which she replied, ‘Yes! The cat just won’t believe me! I try!”

“I’ll call her. I’ll call her now. If I call her, would you guys believe me?” She suggested. However, as the technician expected to wow her viewers with concrete evidence, her boyfriend Brandon had other ideas in mind.

“Hello. Girlfriend. How was your day?” he replied, in a remarkably realistic AI-style voice. The tech was definitely confused, but laughed at his fantastic impression. “What is this mess? Brandon, just tell the cat you’re real. “

“Haha. Yes. I’m a real boyfriend, ”he continued, leaving the banner in stitches. The conversation was loving Brandon’s perfect prank, and he continued to persist with the joke until he decided to switch to a customer service voice instead.

Viewers were definitely entertained by the prank and played with it as they continued to tease the techie in the chat, acting like they still didn’t believe he was, in fact, a real person.

The clip for the Brilliant Interaction now has over 48,000 views, and there’s no doubt that CodeMiko viewers will be keen to see another Brandon appearance soon.


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