Tom Thomson Art Gallery opens Wednesday


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The Tom Thomson Art Gallery announces its reopening for this week.

Scheduled for July 21, the gallery will preview a staff-curated exhibition titled The Nature Of It, showcasing works from a wide range of artists who have been added to the collection.

Gallery director and chief curator Aidan Ware says that despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, they have been busy both rethinking their future through the development of a new strategic plan and improving the physical spaces of the gallery through renovation projects.

“In May, the galleries underwent a replacement of the flooring and we also took the opportunity to refresh our Gallery Shop. The revitalized public spaces, along with our new vision, values ​​and plans, set the stage for a dynamic new chapter for the Tom Thomson Art Gallery. We hope it will be a pleasure to welcome you for many more days as we move beyond this unprecedented time, ”Ware said.

Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy said he was delighted to be able to visit TOM in person again.

“I look forward to seeing the works of Gray County artist George McLean and exploring other works in the collection,” said Boddy.

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