Three Products to Help You Relax — Shop Now

Coloring not your thing? Try writing instead! According to a resource from University of Rochester Medical Center.

While any regular notebook will do, Guided Journals can be great for beginners, offering prompts that can help you put pen to paper. We love Monica Sweeney Zen as fuckwhich features fun, modern, and sometimes profanity-laden twists on classic mantras.

Zen as fuck flips toxic positivity on its head,” Sweeney said. Shape of his Amazon bestseller. “A lot of what we see in the world of ‘inspiration’ is asking people to lift their spirits without giving them room for recognition. Zen as fuck is a guided journal that has an upbeat attitude, yet it gives the writer the ability to breathe and feel the catharsis in a fun and irreverent way.”

Looking for something a little less, uh, blue? The gratitude journal in 5 minutes is perfect for people looking to amplify their mindfulness in a snap.

According to registered clinical social worker Megan Lee, the book is “focused on gratitude with daily morning and evening prompts that include reflecting on the things you are grateful for, creating affirmations for yourself, and the plans/highlights of your day,” she also said. Shape.

“Setting up a daily gratitude journal can help you adopt a more positive mindset. Focusing on the good things that are happening in our lives can help us see that sometimes there is even trouble. good in the first place,” Lee continued, adding that the practice can also “help you refocus in the present, boost your self-esteem, decrease negative self-talk and more.”

Laura J. Boyer