The Witcher 3 Redux 3.0 Rebalanced Burning Essential Impact, Tweaks Human Bosses and extra


A brand new model of The Witcher 3 Redux The gameplay overview mod has been launched on-line, introducing extra gameplay tweaks.

Model 3.0 rebalances the Burning Essential impact with diminished likelihood however elevated harm throughout rain and storms.

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  • Rebalanced the burning vital impact because it was a bit too nerfed. See the part under for extra particulars.
  • Throughout rain / storm, Igni’s likelihood to burn is diminished by 10/20% respectively.
  • Throughout rain / storm, if an enemy catches fireplace, burn harm is elevated by 10/20%, respectively.
  • The character display screen now shows extra Igni burn likelihood when gamers equip the talent.

The Witcher 3 Redux 3.0 additionally provides the basic armor skill for Gargoyles, improved root assault for Leshens, and changes for human bosses.

  • Added elemental armor skill to Gargoyles – they had been by chance lacking within the final replace.
  • Leshen “Root Assault” now scales with enemy degree and is way more punitive.
  • Diminished the mini boss / boss human enemy vitality bonus from + 100% / 200% to + 75% / 100%, respectively.
  • Diminished follower harm by 20% – they had been slightly overpowered

The remainder of the modifications from The Witcher 3 Redux model 3.0 may be discovered under.

  • Wyvern’s Decoction now not impacts harm over time and stuck a bug the place profitable dodging all the time elevated toxicity.
  • Mounted a uncommon subject with the ‘Fleet Footed’ fight talent the place Geralt typically didn’t have the vital likelihood bonus utilized.
  • Toxicity ought to now present up on Geralt’s face when ingesting decoctions and may hopefully be much less buggy basically and alter accurately with toxicity ranges.
  • Werewolf regeneration discount 50% from quest “Whispering Hillock” – was nonetheless too potent for early recreation.
  • Renamed the runic phrase Preservation to Increase. Barely reworked in order that it applies desk and grindstone bonuses each time you might be in fight, there by bypassing the vanilla preservation bug.
  • DL (v1.6): excluded a bunch of named characters.

The Witcher 3 Redux 3.0 can now be downloaded from Nexus mods.


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