The Tattoo Shop project releases two of the nine planned NFT collections

Over 10,000 unique NFTs ready to merge into 4,165 Master NFT artworks

UNITED STATES, June 17, 2022 / — TatTech Inc. NFT Art project called “The Tattoo Shop” today announced the minting of the second half of its Genesis NFT collection – the “Alien Inkling King” and “The Tattoo Artist” – encompassing two unique collections created by a collaboration of six world-renowned tattoo artists.

The first collection called “The Tattoo Artist” has a stock of 6,248 and was hit free for two weeks by The Tattoo Shop NFT Project. In an effort to give back to the community, this first of nine phases offered 6,248 rare and unique works of art for free.

The second collection, “Alien Inkling King,” with a stash of 4,165 NFT artworks, is set to go public on June 17 at 8 p.m. PT for 0.1111 ETH.

When combined, these two collections will merge into 4,165 unique Master Shop Master NFTs. Both collections will be distributed fairly as NFT collaborative digital artworks, with a mission to strengthen the digital art and tattoo communities.

It is the goal of TatTech Inc. to discover, educate, fund and assist promising artists and their NFT collections / Web3 projects.

Inspiration behind the tattoo shop’s NFT project

The Tattoo Shop was created for tattoo collectors, tattoo artists and the NFT Art community. “It’s estimated that over 3.2 billion humans have tattoos today, meaning that at some point in their lives they were at the ‘tattoo shop’ with their tattoo artists sitting across from them. of them,” says tattoo artist Stefano Alcantara.

This is why The Tattoo Shop was chosen as the name of these genesis collections.

“As talented as tattoo artists are in the art of tattooing, they are equally talented in creating digital art. The idea of ​​generating a collection of unique digital art with long-term utilities, combined with the added assurance of a smart contract that guarantees residuals for artists and the community, was just something we had to be a part of,” says Mike Morgan, CEO of TatTech Inc.

The world renowned artists and team of The Tattoo Shop

When Mike thought about who he wanted to collaborate with, the choice was easy. He called Megan Jean Morris – the president of TatTech and a famous surrealist tattoo artist – to see if she would be interested in collaborating with him on this Genesis NFT project. After all, they are both devoted creatures of the art world! They decided that instead of having just one artist to create this unique NFT collection, there would actually be six different artists: (in no particular order) Yomico Moreno, Jesse Smith, Stefano Alcantara, Daria Pirojenko, and Halo Gray.

The talented Morgan is known as an accomplished entrepreneur. “I was amazed at how tattoo artists have perfected the art of tattooing. It’s time for the world to see their abilities in the digital Web3 space,” he said.

The six artists are proud to announce their collaboration, which is the second of nine coming to what is being called The Tattoo Shop NFT. The hope is that these artists can create a path for the thousands of artists who have yet to venture into the NFT space. “It will be amazing to see the artists and their unique approach stepping into this space,” added Alcantara.

When will The Tattoo Shop be released?

The collection will be minted publicly on June 17 at Community members who have supported this project since its initial conception have started banging their “Alien INKling Kings and Queens”.

What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap is currently quite simple, much like every other part of The Tattoo Shop NFT. Its main objective is to be 100% sold. Next, the focus will be on educating the full members to merge their tattoo artists with their alien king or queen to create the latest Tattoo Shop Master NFT called INKKING | INK QUEEN.

“Being an INKKING or INKQUEEN MASTER NFT holder will grant access to a number of current and future utilities,” says Kyle, Community Board Member and Owner of Save My Ink Forever!

The current utilities for MASTER NFT holders will be:
● Each holder will receive an EPIC World Rewards Pass by
● Monthly entries in The Dream Tattoo Giveaway
● Tattoo your NFTs from other collections in The Tattoo Shop metaverse
● Exclusive access to limited deliveries of artist-designed merchandise
● Earn Art Universe rewards (AU tokens) to use for minting, their next tattoo or rarity swap!
● AU$ tokens can be used for tattoo designs
● Access to limited edition merchandise designed by tattoo artists
● Access to alpha announcements including private currencies, education, private events and prizes
● Priority membership @ and

Where can you redeem your NFTs created by The Tattoo Shop artist?

The Tattoo Shop is present on different platforms and social networks:

THE MONEY IS LIVE @ The Tattoo Shop at
Twitter @
Discord @


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