The Stockbridge Fishing Company will host two authors for a free reading event next month

A FISHING business in Stockbridge is set to welcome two world renowned authors for an exclusive reading and signing of their recently released books.

From 4.30pm on June 17, customers of Orvis UK Store will be welcomed with a drink from sponsors Test Valley Distillery to come and meet David Profumo and Mark Wormald before their readings which will start at 6pm.

Copies of The Lightning Thread: Fishological Moments and the Pursuit of Paradise by David Profumo and The Catch: Fishing for Ted Hughes by Mark Wormald will be available for purchase and signed by the authors.

David Profumo is a former fishing correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, and now the longtime ‘Reel Life’ columnist in Country Life magazine. He caught his first fish in Scotland some sixty years ago and since then he has swum his hooks in forty different countries. He was co-editor (with Graham Swift) of the classic angling anthology, “The Magic Wheel”, and wrote “In Praise of Trout” (of which Ted Hughes contributed the foreword). His journalism has appeared in many UK national newspapers and a host of magazines here and abroad – ranging from the British Medical Journal to the Kiribati and Tuvalu Philatelic Society Newsletter. He is the author of two novels and the best-selling Family Memoirs Bringing The House Down. In 1996 David was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

His latest book, The Lightning Thread: Fishological Moments and the Pursuit of Paradise was published in May 2021 by Scribner. It is a dazzling work around the restorative power of nature and the search for joy in simple pleasures.

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Mark Wormald has been fishing since he was four years old. He is an award-winning poet, winning the Newdigate Prize at Oxford in 1998 and an EC Gregory Prize from the Society of Authors in 1995.

Mark has been a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge since 1992. His first office was once the living room in which Ted Hughes dreamed of a burned fox. Mark edited The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens for Penguin Classics and more recently co-edited two collections of essays: Ted Hughes: From Cambridge to Collected (2013) and Ted Hughes, Nature and Culture (2018). He is president of the Ted Hughes Society.

In 2019 Mark co-hosted an international conference in Cambridge on Atlantic salmon, ‘Belonging to All: The Plight, Poetry and Science of Salmon’, inspired by the writings and advocacy of Ted Hughes on behalf of the fish king; a second conference on the culture, science and vulnerability of our chalk streams, this time with the title ‘Belonging to All?’, will take place in Cambridge in March 2022.

Mark will give an exclusive reading from his new book The Catch: Fishing for Ted Hughes, which was published by Bloomsbury on April 28. ‘The Catch’ tells the story of Ted Hughes’ journey, as fisherman, poet and father, into and beyond his vital ‘River’ collection, and chronicles Mark’s own journeys, fishing in Ted’s footsteps , his fishing logs in mind, in the poems of River and other deep waters.

David Profumo said: “Since I visited the legendary Test (about 50 years ago now) it has crossed my imagination and my life as an angler; and whenever I approach its shores, I always feel elated and somehow replenished.

Mark Wormald added: “Dermot Wilson inducted Ted Hughes into the delights of chalk stream brown trout fishing in 1985. David Profumo, who fished with Dermot and Ted, and for whom Ted would later write a foreword to the wonderful In Praise of Trout by David. , kind of thrilled me my first day on the Test thirty years later, to the very beat where Ted fished with Dermot and Piggy Spooner. The poet laureate, fresh out of deep salmon farming on Tweed, had that day demonstrated a state-of-the-art collapsible trout net for the next edition of Fishing the Dry Fly.

“Fishing as faithfully as I have, for the past ten years, following in the footsteps of Ted Hughes, mostly in Devon, Scotland and Ireland, I am still very new to chalk streams. So I’m as thrilled as I’m intimidated to join the dean of our fishing writers at heaven’s equivalent of fishing tackle – an emporium that can trace its lineage to Dermot’s Nether Wallop Mill – and just yards from the river itself in one direction and the Houghton Club in the other. I hope at least something is rubbing off on me. If I don’t pass the test, I can promise to take the challenge.

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