The sale of photographic prints helps the Children’s Hospital of Ukraine

Sergiy Barchuk organizes a sale of photographs to help the Children’s Hospital of Ukraine

Via his Instagram platform, Ukrainian photographer Sergiy Barchuk is selling prints of his work to raise money for Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv as the war in Ukraine escalates. Find out how you can support

There is no easy way to talk about war, which is perhaps why images often resonate so strongly during difficult times as a means of registering, communicating and educating those who are suffering. Here, Ukrainian-born, New York-based photographer Sergiy Barchuk reflects on his childhood memories in Ukraine and his new Instagram impressions sale, with all proceeds going to Ohmatdyt, a children’s hospital in Kyiv.

Wallpaper*: Bright blue and yellow images that reference the Ukrainian flag are very powerful, especially when paired with the image of you swimming with your mother as a child. How was this period for you?

Sergiy Bartchuk: To be honest, it was emotional and difficult. It is heartbreaking to see the violence and destruction that has overwhelmed the country. All of my childhood memories there are very peaceful and happy (in my mind, I’m still eight years old, sitting in a tree and eating an apple), so seeing the heartache there now has been painfully surreal.

W*: All proceeds from your sale will benefit Ohmatdyt in Kiev, the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine. Can you tell us more about your connection with Ohmatdyt and the work they do?

SB: I had various health issues when I was a kid, so my dad took me there to get checked out. When I saw Ohmatdyt on the news, my heart sank; when you recognize something from your past and then connect it to the horrific images you see on the screen, it’s a sickening feeling; somehow that makes it even more real. My family members who have young children were able to flee the country and we are very grateful to them for being safe. But of course, there are so many other children who stayed and are admitted because of war injuries; hospital staff are committed to staying with patients and caring for them. This level of commitment and sacrifice is truly inspiring and moving. I just wanted to do something to support them during this time.

W*: How can readers support?

SB: I sell prints through my Instagram. All proceeds will go to Ohmatdyt. Other organizations worth checking out are Razom (Ukraine-specific humanitarian aid) and Save the Children (international humanitarian aid for children). Although the conflict in Ukraine is close to my heart, there are children all over the world who need help. It’s amazing to see the amount of support and care that Ukraine receives; It gives me hope that humanity will continue to come together to support each other through all the other issues we all face. §

Above: Personal family photo from Barchuk’s childhood in Ukraine, kindly shared by the artist

Laura J. Boyer