The products of the RBE group presented in a pop-up store in the city center

Sunset Avenue Clothing Company, a product line created in Butler’s RBE class, continues to sell original merchandise as well as clothing aimed at the greater Indianapolis community. Photo courtesy of Instagram page @sunsetaveclothingco.


Sunset Avenue Clothing Company showcased its new spring clothing line at a pop-up store held March 18 at Stutz building, a local Indianapolis social center and offices. Their business gained popularity after they debuted in the Lacy School of Business’ Real Business Experience course last semester.

Moni Krasteva, a junior pharmacy student with a concentration in entrepreneurship, is the company’s CEO. She said the inspiration behind their product was a lack of unique Butler gear.

“We were all frustrated that we didn’t really have cool Butler gear,” Krasteva said. “It’s all the same capital letters [that say] ‘Butler’ or ‘Bulldogs’ from the bookstore. It’s all very expensive, which was frustrating. So [our team] agreed on the idea of ​​a more affordable, cooler and more fashionable piece for Butler students.

Among their designs, the most popular were the “Wish you were at Hinkle” hoodies. 40 units of these hoodies sold out in 48 hours. Then, on the RBE market last semester, the company sold more than 100 units, according to Krasteva.

The company’s inventory comes from Your image works, a local company. Hoodies are screen printed there once they receive art from the Sunset Avenue team. There are designated pick up times for those who have purchased an item of clothing. Local delivery is possible for an additional fee.

Sunset Avenue Clothing Company embodies the goals of the RBE coursewhich aims to give students the opportunity to participate in the design of products, obtaining loans for these products, their sale to the public and the repayment of the loans.

While planning their pop-up store, the team was aided by Lacy School of Business professor NaShara Mitchell.

“[Mitchell] everything organized, we just had to do our own marketing and bring our own supplies,” Krasteva said. “We had to settle, get people there, tear down.”

The new spring collection branches out to show appreciation for the city of Indianapolis as a whole. Krasteva was worried about this expansion as the team established itself as a Butler brand from the start. However, she said things were going well for the team as they created a design that would appeal to Indianapolis’ young community.

“It’s so cool to see everyone wearing the Hinkle sweatshirt,” Krasteva said. “It would be cool to go downtown and see someone wearing [our clothes].”

Alongside Mitchell, the team is organizing a pop-up in Broad Ripple. They believe this will help their brand gain traction outside of Butler.

Since the Sunset Avenue team was not at the RBE course this semester, Mitchell set them up in the Dugan Hall Innovation Lab at RBE market time on March 25. People could come and see the clothing business even if they weren’t part of the fair.

Junior Economics student Braxton Martorono visited the Sunset Avenue booth during the show and pre-ordered a pair of their new spring line green sweatpants.

“Sunset Avenue Clothing Company impressed me with their professionalism and also the quality of their clothing,” Martorono said.

Lauren Lukitsh, a freshman health science student, bought a “Wish you were at Hinkle” hoodie last semester.

“I really liked the simplicity of the design and how it was affiliated with Butler, but still subtle,” Lukitsh said. “I was drawn to the company…seeing people wearing them on campus.”

Lukitsh also said she really likes the new spring collection and has already placed an order for two items.

On the RBE market, the team asked many questions about their Hinkle hoodie. As for those requests, Krasteva said to “stay tuned.” She said the best way to find out if more “Wish you were at Hinkle” hoodies are coming is to follow the company on Instagram @sunsetaveclothingco.

All items from their spring collection are currently available for pre-order now on their website.

Laura J. Boyer