The LISA project chooses its favorite works of art from Artnet’s street art sale

If there is anyone who knows street art, it is the founders of the LISA Project: as a voluntary non-profit organization, LISA Project is committed to bringing in a diverse group of local artists, national and international in Lower Manhattan. Over the past eight years he has grown into an incredible cultural force who has collaborated with artists ranging from Shepard Fairey to Stik, bringing their art to life in the form of the vibrant murals you can find dotted around downtown Manhattan.

The success of the project is due to the leadership of two people, Wayne Rada and Rey “The DR¡F” Rosa: Wayne, a longtime art enthusiast with a background in comedy, who acts as curator and director of the organization, and Rey, muralist and photographer, who co-founded the LISA Project NYC to help create opportunities for artists and bring greater appreciation and awareness for art to the public.

We recently connected with the dynamic duo at the perfect time – Artnet Auctions just launched the latest edition of their Urban art to sell. Filled with popular prints and bold original works by KAWS, Dondi White, Banksy, Richard Hambleton, Rammellzee and many more, this online auction is open for auction until March 12.

On a sunny Monday afternoon, we caught up with Wayne and Rey who shared their favorite artwork from the sale:

Richard hambleton
Exploding shadow head

“Living in the East Village for 21 years, we were fortunate to have seen ‘The Shadowman’ in action in the studio. It was easy to get caught up in his madness, and instantly understand why he was one of our Street Art pioneers. This moody piece resembles a self-portrait of an artist’s uncertain future transferred to canvas. Learn more.

Henri chalfant
Passion of Zephyr

“You can count with one hand with four fingers how many relevant photographers have genuinely covered the birth of graffiti. The photographs of Henry’s train show us all of the graffiti, the collaboration between photographer and graffiti artist. Passion of Zephyr is an exceptional example of this era. A step back in time, where it all began. Know your roots! Learn more.

Kenny scharf
Untitled # 2

“If you asked us who would we include on the Mount Rushmore art scene of downtown New York, Kenny Scharf would be there. Her work draws on this inner child in each of us, full of energy and joy. Who wouldn’t love to wake up everyday to this happy little guy? ” Learn more.

Kate Moss, white gloves

“Break for KAWS everyone! This print has a great “Old Master” look. Above her now classic ‘Companion’ motif, across Kate Moss’s face and hands, creating a hauntingly dramatic image. This one is really beautiful! Learn more.

Fred Braithwaite (Fab 5 Freddy)
Valium & Cocktails

“As one of us was an 80s kid, I have fond memories of running home after school to watch Yo! MTV Raps, and its cool as fuck host Fab 5 Freddy. I remember always wondering what these fun nightclubs were like, introducing street art and hip hop to the masses. What this tongue-in-cheek article tells us is how they start the party. A humorous look back at those decadent 80s. You can’t help but smile… ahhh, those were the days. Learn more.
Explore these and other works in urban art, live for auction until March 12, 2020 on Artnet Auctions.

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Laura J. Boyer