The lax cops to blame for the arrogance of the speed demons?


From a biker killing a six-year-old near a BRTS construction site to an out of control car killing a pregnant woman on the sidewalk, there is suddenly chaos on the city’s roads. Hit-and-run cases and fatal accidents due to reckless driving are on the increase.

While traffic police claim to be taking the necessary action, road safety experts and law-abiding citizens demand strict law enforcement to curb the threat.

According to experts and commuters, the majority of violators are not afraid of the law or of respect for others.

“Several times I have seen bikers jump signals and zoom out in the presence of traffic police personnel. The cops are yelling right behind them. Instead, they have to sue and penalize them. But, I have never seen proactive action on the part of the cops. They could take an elevator from other commuters to chase off violators. But, they’re standing right there. Their lax attitude only encourages offenders, ”said Parth Parikh, a regular on SG Highway.

Expressing a similar concern, Samir Pathak, a road safety expert, demanded a 10-fold increase in the sentence imposed on these offenders. “We totally lack the knowledge-related sense of conduct. In such a scenario, the law enforcement agency must step in and impose heavy penalties.

Drivers are unaware of the risk factors and continue to cause crashes. If we want to stop them, the best solution is strict law enforcement, ”Pathak said.

According to another road safety expert, Amit Khatri, excessive speed is the biggest threat on the city’s roads today. “They are just not afraid of causing an accident or hitting someone on the road, because the legal process after the accident is very simple. You escape after some administrative formalities. It is important that the authorities pass strict laws to arrest these offenders, ”Khatri said.

The Center for Green Mobility, a nonprofit organization, investigated three different locations on the 100-foot bypass and made some startling observations.

According to the NGO, these roads are not suitable for pedestrians. The aisles are too high and have no ramps at the end. The investigation also pointed out that a large part of these roads is overrun with vendors and the like. The study claimed that crossroads are also dangerous for pedestrians.

However, the Traffic Police Department, which manages the city’s roads with just 1,000 cops, claimed that enough steps had been taken to stop such acts of reckless driving.

According to DH Parmar, deputy commissioner of the traffic police, most accidents or hit-and-run accidents take place after 11 p.m. “It is not fair to blame the traffic police for late night accidents. After each accident, a traffic police inspector visits this location and submits his report. On the basis of this report, we are taking the necessary measures. We even asked AMC to build dividers on several roads, based on these reports and the feedback we got, ”said Parmar, who claimed more staff are being inducted into the traffic department. for a better font.


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