The $ 18 million mansion has a floating driveway and a full NFT art gallery

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital coins on the blockchain that can range from sculpture and music, paintings, real estate, and experiences. The NFT market is booming right now, to the point that analysts are predicting NFTs to be “the future”.

When it comes to art, DTVs have the advantage of space. Because they don’t exist in the physical realm, you can collect a whole bunch of them and not worry about storage space like you would with paintings, for example. When it comes to displaying them, a smart display on a wall can hold any room you want at any time, so you can rotate them at will. That’s what Braunstein does with his own collection – and what he hopes the future owner of this $ 18 million mansion in the heart of Los Angeles, California will do.

Colossal Properties is listing this home with David Parnes and James Harris of The Agency for $ 17,995,000, but feel free to round that up to $ 18 million. In the Instagram below, Harris takes a tour of The Robb Report’s Rectory, including a better look at this much-publicized NFT art gallery: on Meural Canvas frames from Netgear, a complete set from the “Vandal Gummy “from WhIsBe in rainbow colors appear. Gummy bears come with the house, with reports online putting the set in value at around $ 1 million.

But that’s not the property’s only strong point. The house, designed by famous architect Hagy Belzberg and completed this year, is perched atop Sunset Boulevard. Access through the gate is via a winding driveway described in the listing as a “track”. Rising 9.2 meters (30 feet) above the ground, it makes you feel like you are taking off as you make your way home.

At the end of the driveway is the parking area, which, in keeping with the modern feel of the whole, has a nicely disguised hub in the middle. You can use it to run your car after leaving the nearby three-car garage, or for the more superficial purpose of showing off your most valuable item to your guests. The living wall next to it will make a very special background.

Details or photos of the garage are not available in the list, except to note that it can accommodate three vehicles. Considering the attention to detail throughout the property, it is safe to assume that it is air conditioned and very luxurious.

The house itself offers 9,418 square feet (875 square meters) of living space over three floors. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and a living room that spans the entire ground floor. In addition to that, it has two indoor bars, a cinema room that can also serve as an entertainment / games room or a nightclub, two professional kitchens (one hidden behind the other), a wine cellar, views incredible all around, an infinite pool with a spa area and two other bars, and even an indoor waterfall that runs through all three levels.

Furnished in luxurious and warm woods, leather and marble, the mansion comes with integrated Crestron home automation and Sonos sound system, and motorized glass walls on most rooms so that they open fully to the living room. ‘outside. The atmosphere of the place is “warm”, but in the most luxurious and decadent way imaginable.

Look no further than the master bathroom for an example of this. The master bedroom is located in a corner, suspended in the air on a cantilever, so that two of its walls can open onto the wraparound private terrace, offering views of downtown LA to the ‘Pacific Ocean. Its walk-in closet is large enough to host an indoor party, and the all-marble walk-in shower in the bathroom supposedly accommodates up to 20 people, with room to squirm. Or, you can open the glass walls and dive into the tub, basking in the sun while watching the traffic below.

Car enthusiast, art collector, NFT enthusiast, or all three of them, if you’ve got $ 18 million to spare, this property is named after you.


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