Tasty new contract creates organic growth at distribution company Wrexham

Securing a contract with the UK’s leading quinoa producer has opened up a new market for a Wrexham warehouse and distribution company.

This prompted McCarthy Distribution to obtain official accreditation to store organic food at its new £3million warehouse on the Wrexham industrial estate.

The deal with Oswestry-based British Quinoa follows the appointment of transport industry heavy hitter Julian Richards as chief commercial officer at McCarthy.

The dynamic business is aiming to increase its turnover to £15m, creating 30 new jobs.

The strategy to take the business to the “next level” includes increasing warehousing capacity and taking on contract packing work.

The state-of-the-art warehouse complex at Elm Point which opened in 2019 was already accredited by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Following the deal with British Quinoa, McCarthy also gained Organic Farmers & Producers (OF&G) approval to stock organic food products.

The accreditation process was led by McCarthy consultant Mike Scott.

He said: “We are delighted to be working with a market leader like British Quinoa, based just across the border in Oswestry.

“It’s particularly exciting because organic accreditation has the potential to unlock a whole new market for us.

“British Quinoa needed a new storage facility to handle their product for them, so they came to see what we were doing.

“They were impressed with our modern facilities and the fact that we already had the quality mark of the British Retail Consortium.

“We were excited to go the extra mile and get OF&G approval.

“Accreditation of our quality standard gives our customers peace of mind that we are a highly professional organization.

“All organic products are stored appropriately in a designated area of ​​the warehouse.

“Accreditation is proof that you manage everything efficiently.”

Managing Director Mike McCarthy added that the British Quinoa contract underlines the importance of investing in the new 42,000 square foot warehouse complex, which has an additional 10,000 square foot canopy area outside. for loading and unloading.

A further £500,000 was spent on forklifts and shelving in the 18m high building.

Mr. McCarthy said: “Accreditation certainly makes us an even more attractive storage option.

“The organic food market is growing exponentially and this is a great opportunity to tap into this market.

“The market is not a static environment, so we have to look at what is happening and respond to market needs.

“This is another example of McCarthy Distribution upping our game. Our employees understand what we are trying to do and it also challenges them to ensure we are on a constant quest to improve our standards even further. .

“I think companies that are not producing organic food at the moment will look at us and say there is another tick box in terms of quality assurance whether or not they need to stock organic. .

“We are now reaping the rewards of our investment in the Elm Point warehouse, which is a step on the road to future growth.”

Laura J. Boyer