Suspected shepherds attack a farmer in Ondo

On Saturday, suspected herdsmen attacked a 77-year-old farmer, Benjamin Babatunde, at his farm in Ikakumo Akoko Agrarian Community, North East Akoko Local Government Area in Ondo State.

The farmer was said to have been attacked by the thugs as he worked on his farm and was badly macheted as herdsmen left him in a pool of blood.

It was recorded that the alleged shepherds numbering around five invaded the farm and met the septuagenarian on his farm, demanding money as the old man said he was without money on the farm.

The thugs searched the farmer’s pocket and found he was penniless and started beating him with sticks and cutlasses, leaving him in a pool of blood.

According to a source, the alleged shepherds left the farmer on his farm after believing he was dead but the old man managed to crawl back to the village and was rushed to hospital.

The source recalled that a similar incident happened in the area a few weeks ago, claiming that a cashew farmer was macheted on his farm by the alleged shepherds.

Confirming the development, Area Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police Muri Agbola said detectives from the command had sprung into action to apprehend the suspected criminals, saying the investigation had begun to unfold and arrest those responsible for the attack.


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Suspected shepherds attack a farmer in Ondo

Laura J. Boyer