Super Mario Switch remasters reportedly miss the series’ 35th anniversary, launch later in 2020


It’s been an open secret for months now that Nintendo has been working on a remastered compilation of his main 3D Mario titles, including Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, and yet the company stubbornly refuses to make an announcement. It was rumored that Nintendo would finally reveal the package, which would be titled Super Mario 35th Anniversay Collection, in July, and then August, and obviously neither has happened. The anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. release arrives on September 13, so we’re really on the wire here!

Well, apparently Mario may have to postpone his party, as the Nintendo leaks tested in the Nate the hate podcast and Video games chronicle are reporting that Super Mario remasters won’t be released in time for the series’ 35th anniversary. Apparently the original plan was to announce the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection during the E3 season in June, kicking off a celebration of a culminating summer with the release of the remasters and the opening of the Universal theme park. Super Nintendo World in Japan. Of course, COVID-19 has turned those plans upside down.

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According to our Nate the Hate insider, although we won’t have the games next month, Nintendo could at least announce Super Mario remasters around September 13. From there, a release will likely arrive later this year

I think now it’s going to be positioned more like a vacation game than they originally planned. […] Then we’re potentially looking at a 3D collection either in early October, or the 3D collection will release in November and position itself as a top-notch holiday title, with a Mario-themed console, dock and all that. Then I think you’re going to see 3D World Deluxe be delayed from the 35th anniversary party and it’ll be out in January 2021.

So what do you think? Eager to play some of Mario’s biggest hits on Switch? Or aren’t remasters really your thing?

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