Speedway Arts Council Calls Indy 500 Pop Up Art Shop Most Successful Ever

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The energy returned to Speedway, and with it the fans. The hustle and bustle along Main Street turned into booming profits for local artists and neighboring businesses.

“We had a lot of businesses on Main Street that were just struggling to survive,” said Speedway City Council Chairman Vincent Noblet, “We push the public down and support our businesses at Speedway. These guys put it all on the line for us.

The Speedway Arts Council is behind a pop-up store on Main Street. They say it was their most successful event ever. Foot traffic gives local artists a chance to sell their Indy 500 designs. With Indy 500 qualifiers this weekend, the council hopes to further increase sales and support these local businesses.

“I think it would be great if all these walls and all these supports were bare by the end of the show,” adds Bruce Levy, member of the Speedway Arts Council.

If you would like to find out what is on sale in the Pop-Up Art Shop, you can find a link to the artists and the shop’s opening hours. here.

Laura J. Boyer