Southern Colorado Law Firm Trial Academy Opens

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., (KRDO) – Southern Colorado law firm McDivitt opens its trial academy. They say it’s one of the first of its kind in Colorado with state-of-the-art equipment and an actual courtroom.

The trial academy will serve as a preparation framework to adequately equip its lawyers, clients and witnesses for a successful trial.

The new facility will feature custom furniture, including a jury box, judge’s box and deliberation room, aimed at creating a scale simulation of an authentic Colorado courtroom. The courtroom will also have audio-visual equipment, such as HD recording cameras and omnidirectional microphones, allowing the trials to be reviewed, evaluated and critiqued in real time, as well as at later dates..

“The Trial Academy aims to provide our attorneys with the opportunity to analyze and review all facets of their cases before they reach a trial or deposition,” said Karen McDivitt, co-founder of the law firm. McDivitt. “The ability to hone argument and speaking skills, practice cross-examination with a witness, and receive direct feedback from a jury is an invaluable educational resource for our staff. Young lawyers at the start of their career, as well as experienced litigants, will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their legal strategy.

Starting this month, McDivitt’s lawyers may consider conducting mock trials amid the occupation. They hope to expand the Trial Academy’s community presence and become involved in local student mock trial organizations in the next school year.

Laura J. Boyer