Sonos is looking for an integrated marketing company that has the perfect playlist

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.: Audio maker Sonos judges agencies’ musical tastes as it seeks to tap an integrated marketing firm like AOR Advertising and Creative.

As part of its recruitment process, Sonos asks agencies to share a playlist that showcases their culture. Sonos is looking to partner with a “thoughtful, creative and innovative” integrated marketing company for “one of the most ambitious projects in our history,” said Pete Pedersen, vice president of marketing and communications at Sonos. He could not give more details about the project.

“We want a partner agency that deeply shares our values ​​as a company,” Pedersen said. “One of the things we really value is content and culture in the broadest possible sense: films, television, cinema, art and music. A playlist is a quick and easy way for an agency to express its cultural aptitude. . »

A playlist can communicate a lot of things, Pedersen said, like an agency’s creativity and cultural connectedness.

“A playlist should not contain hundreds of songs; it should deliver a message,” he added.

He said it would be unfair to reveal the types of songs Sonos is looking for.

When asked what would be on Sonos’ playlist, Pedersen said he didn’t want to name a specific artist or genre because the company partners so closely with creative communities. However, he noted that Sonos deeply values ​​music in all genres.

“I would encourage people to listen to Sonos radio, which is our take on music,” Pedersen said.

Besides the perfect playlist, the selected agency must also have an impressive DE&I philosophy, as well as two case studies covering one or more of the following: launching a new brand/product/service in an established category; create a new category for an established brand; where youtarget a new audience/consumer segment.

Sonos is looking for a “diamond in the rough” and doesn’t care about the size or location of an agency.

“We think the traditional RFP process is broken,” Pedersen said. “He’s inherently biased and looks at big agencies first. There are great creative minds in agencies of all sizes.

Sonos’ PR AOR is Edelman and the company also works with M&C Saatchi in the US On the advertising side, Sonos works with a production store called Ways & Means. Those agency relationships will all remain the same, Pedersen said.

“This is a different job, a totally different mandate,” he said. “We are looking for a partner who can help us develop ideas that are big enough to apply to the entire marketing mix. Ideally, the right agency will also have strong advertising capabilities. »

All submissions must be submitted by February 11, and Sonos hopes to have the new agency in place within the next two months.

Sonos, which is owned by audio-video production industry Zacks, posted revenue of $359.54 million for the third quarter of 2021, beating Zacks’ consensus estimate by 2.27%. That compares to revenues of $339.84 million a year ago. JTotal revenue for fiscal 2021 was $1.717 billion, representing growth of 29%.

Laura J. Boyer