Skullavenue Public Sale – Fox Interviewer

After a successful whitelist sale, Skullavenue is now launching its public sale!

Get ready to travel Skullavenue. A talented artist from Munich and her team set out to create a
Full body NFT collection with great utility. The four of them, Jay, Moritzzilla, Zed and Flea, each have distinct qualities that make them the perfect group to pull off this project.

The collection represents 4,444 unique personalities, carrying more than 160 different attributes spread over 6 to 8 layers. Skullavenue NFTs are distributed on the Solana blockchain, and images are stored decentralized by Arwave. This ensures permanent storage of the collectible.

Skullavenue sets itself apart from most other collections by featuring a full character instead of just a portrait. Each character is named according to their first three attributes. For example, if the headdress is called “Duke”, the skull “the golden” and the top “postman” the name becomes “Duke the golden postman”. It’s the attention to detail that makes every NFT a true work of art.

Alongside this, the collection includes nine special editions called the Magnificent Nine, each member of the Magnificent Nine is handcrafted by the artist, bearing two additional attributes.

Skulls are often seen as a symbol of death, confronting us with our mortality. This very mortality connects each of us living on planet Earth and those who have physically passed away. More importantly, the artist uses the skull because it is an attribute that all humans have in common. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all wear one. We are all the same, but unique.

The community of Skullavenue holders is also a mix of unique people. Therefore, Skullavenue finds it essential that there is something for all holders. Skullavenue has members who love art, members who love games, members who love money, and members who love surprises in general.
The utility suite currently has something for all of these unique characters with high-quality image downloads, giveaways, and an arcade game where holders will win cash prizes. And the team is constantly working to create more.

The long-term vision is to move Skullavenue into the metaverse. An intermediate step will be taken in the form of a second collection with early access for holders of the current collection, including more 3D elements to ensure the level of detail that the collection represents. The third collection will be full 3D models, metaverse-ready NFTs.

Skullavenue is an NFT collection of 4,444 complete characters. The collection includes more than 160 attributes spread over 6-8 layers. For more information, visit To stay up to date with the latest developments, follow our Twitter. To stay in touch with us, join our Discord. For press and corporate inquiries, email us: [email protected]


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