Seasoned Human Resources Professional K Padmakar showcases his art at a solo exhibition/sale on “Life and Its Scaffolding”

02 May 2022 16:36 STI

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], May 02 (ANI/NewsView): K Padmakar, an HR professional from TISS, Mumbai, recently retired as HR Director of public sector giant, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, after a total service of more than 37 years in various functions across the levels. For a year, he also served as Chairman and CEO of the company. Padmakar’s solo abstract art is on display at Gallery No. 3, Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda Mumbai from 26th April to 2nd May 2022, 11am to 7pm.
He is very passionate about the art which he has practiced alone over the years and which, over a period of five decades, has become an artist in his own right. While he works primarily in acrylic medium, he is also adept at working with oils, pastels, watercolors and mixed media, on canvas and paper. He has also created digital art over the past few years. Padmakar is very fond of abstract and figurative artistic expressions.
The inspiration behind “Life and its scaffoldings”
A building is built on solid foundations. As it grows, we put up scaffolding to add or remove what we wish. This scaffolding frame is a requirement of form, symmetry, balance, aesthetics, and the art and meaning-making we so desperately need. Are our lives different?

Outwardly it seems the same, but every minute everything about us and our inside is constantly changing, we are never the same, the foundations are laid by the genes on both sides, most of them are an enigma to us inside. absence of records the history of our ancestors. Norms, mores, ethnic practices and cultural aspects defined by time and tradition, as well as gender norms and behaviors – this is what defines us. We also define the karmic patterns of past lives, meant to be decoded in our present life to learn ascending order lessons, in order to realize the Omnipotent. With so many experiences or phenomena shaping us all the time, as to who we are, the process is constantly redefining the “me” within, exposing the empty spaces of the soul to be filled with light. , love and purpose.
We come with empty minds and leave filled with profound experiences and ideas, only to repeat ourselves everywhere with no idea of ​​past life influences. These empty spaces guide us to create meaning across bridges of relationships and relationships, seeking love in materialistic and mystical worlds, while toiling through the fog of illusions and ‘maya’ – finding something but with the true essence that comes out of the hands like flowing sands.
These paintings represent the continuous growth and decay of the Self, with a deep and unchanging inner core with the forms of life experiences formed on these invisible scaffolds, serving to strengthen the soul within. These give a myriad of meanings to grow on a soul level while shedding and breaking down the parts that are no longer relevant – which hide deep within the layers of consciousness to spring back into shape at the slightest provocation. They do this by changing shapes and colors like the nature around us, through continual decay and growth. Holding ourselves back in our wholeness as if nothing had changed but in fact changing the colors of the lenses through which we perceive life and its meanings very differently.
Through it all we realize the futility of the “I” in relation to the soul, but vainly try to strike at our own roots of ephemeral permanence in the hope of leaving indelible imprints – literally clinging to the straws of life. . Scaffoldings of Life, not one but many in their broken parts delicately held together by invisible gauze webs.
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Laura J. Boyer