Sale of Chelsea: Deadline for offers passes – here’s who submitted offers to buy the football club | UK News

Friday’s 9pm deadline for bids to buy Chelsea has passed, with consortia led by Nick Candy, the Ricketts family and Sir Martin Broughton and Lord Sebastian Coe among the bidders.

The sale took place in the UK and EU sanctions against Roman Abramovich following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Chelsea also under a number of restrictions.

The club – including the women’s and youth teams – cannot sell match tickets or sell merchandise and are limited on how much they can spend on each match day.

Chelsea have established themselves as one of the most successful teams in Europe under the ownership of Roman Abramovich

It’s a unique situation for many reasons, but especially that a club like Chelsea doesn’t become available on the open market very often, if ever.

They are one of the biggest clubs in the world – the world and European champions – so there is a lot of interest.

Nick Candy says he will put the fans at the heart of the club

Mr. Candy, a British luxury property developer, has committed to having fan representation on the club’s board if he succeeds.

He confirmed he was leading a global consortium to buy Chelsea which includes Hana Financial Group of South Korea and C&P Sports Group – and submitted a £2bn bid.

Nick Candy
Nick Candy said it was ‘a unique opportunity to give football back to the fans’

He said: “Chelsea are one of the most iconic and successful professional football clubs in the world, with a rich heritage, a global following and a very valuable brand.

“Football clubs are vitally important community and cultural assets, and this is a unique opportunity to bring football back to the fans and put them at the heart of a global football club’s operations and strategy. foreground.”

The Ricketts family say they know how to lead a successful team

The Ricketts family – owners of the Chicago Cubs and one of the biggest names linked to a big name – also confirmed Friday night that they run an investment group that has sent in an offer.

“As longtime operators of an iconic professional sports team, the Ricketts family and their partners understand the importance of investing to succeed on the pitch, while respecting the traditions of the club, fans and community. “, said the official statement from the family said.

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts
Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and his family said they understand the importance of investing to succeed on the field

Significantly, they are backed by Ken Griffin, who is a hedge fund billionaire and Sky Sports News has learned he is almost three times richer than Abramovich.

He is also the richest person who would be interested in buying Chelsea.

Sir Martin cites experience of Liverpool change of ownership

A consortium led by British businessman Sir Martin has also submitted a formal bid, with Lord Coe among the participants.

Sir Martin commented: “We will ensure a quick purchase and a smooth transition, with funds readily available for the immediate takeover of the club and immediate investment in team, facilities and business opportunities.”

The former chief executive of British American Tobacco continued: “I have a track record of success in the boardrooms throughout my career and have done so before.

Sir Martin Broughton
Sir Martin Broughton negotiated the sale of Liverpool Football Club during a similar crisis 12 years ago

“I remain the only person to have made a change of ownership at a major football club in a similar situation, which I did at Liverpool 12 years ago.

“But most importantly, as a lifelong fan, I am committed to ensuring that Chelsea maintain their preeminent position at the top of European football and to ensuring that we put the fans first.”

Sir Martin was previously chairman of British Airways and now runs Sports Investment Partners, a private investment firm that has backed businesses in areas including sports technology and event management.

He brokered the sale of Liverpool Football Club during a similar crisis 12 years ago.

As the state-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland was the club’s largest lender at the time, he became the first and only person to lead a change of ownership at a Premier League football club involving the British government.

Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly attends the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala at Dodgers Stadium on Thursday, July 28, 2016 in Los Angeles.  Photo: AP
There’s also another offer from a consortium that includes LA Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly. Photo: AP

Other offers

There is also another offer from a consortium made up of LA Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly, Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, Times columnist and former Conservative government adviser Daniel Finkelstein backed by Jonathan Goldstein.

American investment company Clearlake Capital joined the same consortium.

Bloomberg reports that Barbara Charone has also joined the same consortium.

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She’s a Chelsea fan who started the music PR firm MBC PR, which represents artists like Madonna and Maroon 5.

There have been further confirmations of offers for Chelsea, with Aethel Partners making an offer worth over £2billion for Chelsea on Thursday.

The London-based investment firm is ready to provide Chelsea with £50m immediately to meet any short-term funding the club may need.

Laura J. Boyer