Richmondite has contributed artwork to support Councilor Au’s mobile art gallery


The works exhibited at the gallery can be returned to the owner at the end of the exhibition.

Richmond City Councilor Chak Au has spent the last year thinking about launching a mobile art gallery to showcase folk art and connect the community.

Au is still looking for a venue to display such art, but he’s already collecting items for display, including one of retired Richmond Chartered Accountant James Heish who donated a piece of decorative sewing. Chinese this week.

“My idea for the gallery is more like a mobile communication hub. The works of art exhibited in the gallery should not be limited to one culture. Instead, it could be as diverse as possible, encouraging more people to share their thoughts on who we are and where we are going as an evolving community, ”said Au.

Artwork on display at the gallery can be returned to the owner at the end of the exhibition, Au added, noting that with luck, Heish’s gift could spark conversations in the community.

Heish told the Richmond News he got his coin decades ago at a bank auction and since then it has been kept in his room.

Au said some Chinese immigrants told him how surprised they were when they came across pottery work in galleries around the world, including European countries and the Middle East – with colors as fresh as those painted yesterday and such delicate details.

The most important thing, Au added, was that they felt ignorant after seeing these works of art.

“They said we wish we could have known about this fantastic work sooner. Viewing art from other countries broadens our horizons and inspires us to embrace their languages ​​and cultures, ”said Au.

“Works of art represent history and tell compelling stories, which could be used as a way to connect.”

Heish’s gift is now well preserved at Au, and later they will invite the public to a small exhibition when they find a decent place to display the work.


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