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NuTone Cleaners joined a national franchise in 2005 known as CRDN (Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network). Kerrie manages CRDN, which handles insurance claims for homeowners with losses from floods, fires and other disasters.

Like other small businesses today, NuTone faces issues of supply shortages, rising all operating and personnel costs.

“The pandemic has taken its toll on the dry cleaning industry,” he said. Domestic industry sales for March 2020 were cut by more than half overnight, and the trend to work from home took a toll on the business.

But they are seeing a slow and steady recovery as the state returns to some normalcy with weddings, sporting events and public gatherings.

“We’re almost back to pre-pandemic sales and trying to adjust to the increased costs and challenges of doing business today. Everyone is trying to adjust to a new normal way of operating. “

Adapting to this “new normal” is made easy by NuTone’s experienced staff, who have over 425 years of combined experience.

“Edward Zamora, our production manager, started with me in 1988 and does an amazing job of making everything work seamlessly,” Raymond said.

Other longtime employees are Rita Moore, with over 40 years of customer service with NuTone; Linda Smith, fine press / finish and over 40 years of experience with NuTone; Leonard Bradbury, Director of Operations at CRDN, over 25 years of experience; and Eric Dulock, Managing Director, with over 25 years of industry experience.

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