Pundole art sale 2021: Historical paintings of Souza, NS Bendre, Raza on the block

If the sea and the secrets of low and high tide are what you crave, the seascape of Kattingiri Krishna Hebbar is a vacation for lovers of scenic beachfronts. The Hebbar treatment of the foreground and the background is what fascinates the human eye. The picturesque, swift strokes and subtle gradation of colors create an alchemy of tones and textures and infuse the painting with minimal yet fascinating movement. The perspective of sand, sea and surf shows that his division of planar spatialities was so distinct and definitive.

KK Hebbar, Oil On Canvas, 1967

The twin delights of B. Prabha

Untitled oil on canvas, 1969

Artist B. Prabha’s 1962 oil on canvas reflects rustic rhythms showing women at work, his second oil on canvas from 1976 is yet another brilliant piece of composition and choreography as we glimpse two women dressed in odhini sitting with a number of brown tinted mud pots. His love for the subject of women and the harmony of the rural landscape stand out and stand out in these two works. Prabha was so meticulous and flexible in the way she translated the studies of the fishermen on the beach into her paintings.

B Prabha, Untitled Oil on canvas 1976

Souza, Padamsee and Mondal

FN Souza, Untitled Oil on Canvas, 1964

FNSouza lovers can drool over a seminal canvas of a couple dated 1964, Souza’s features are crisp and clear, the standing couple reflected by an erotic tension that is singularly Souza. A thoughtful portrait of Akbar Padamsee and an inspiring deity by Rabin Mondal tell us about Indian modernists and their love for design and the flavor of composition.

Akkitham Narayanan, oil on canvas

Also in this sale is a portrait of SHRaza created by Walter Langhammer a critic and friend of Raza who is known to have gifted him a pair of shoes and a trench coat before leaving for Paris in 1950. Langhammer was a key figure, as artist, critic and patron, responsible for encouraging and promoting the modern art movement in Bombay in the 1940s. Finally, two jewel-like abstractions by the Parisian abstractionist Akkitham Narayanan and the artist from Cholamandal Achuthan Kudallur reflect the alchemy of tones and the depth of geometry and symbolism.

Achutan Kudallur, oil on canvas 1992

The catalog is available online here and the prizes will be visible from November 14th to 17th.

Laura J. Boyer