Opening of a new luxury dessert shop in Bergen-Lafayette

A new luxury dessert store will soon open in the up-and-coming Jersey City neighborhood of Bergen-Lafayette, called Bon Vivant. Bon Vivant is a luxury boutique for miniature cakes and petit fours (think novelty cupcakes), opening in a retail space at 295 Johnston Avenue at 295J Apartments. Read on to learn more about Bon Vivant’s upcoming arrival in Jersey City.

Coming to Jersey City

Bon Vivant has opened its first location on the E 58and Street in Manhattan in 2013. From what we can tell, the location closed in March 2020 and is still temporarily closed. We think 295J will be the permanent location going forward.

After leaving behind a 17-year career in the corporate world, Maya Hormis founded Bon Vivant cake café in 2013, inspired by a stimulating speech by Steve Jobs. Seeking to find work that resonates deeply with her, she discovered her true passion for pastry during an exploratory year where she obtained her certification in Culinary Arts & Pastry from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu.

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About Bon Vivant

According to the Bon Vivant website, this coffee cake is guided by its principles described as “Life is savored, one sweet moment at a time”. Attention to detail and artistic in nature, Maya’s pastries are distinguished by their elegance and taste. From the finest local and global ingredients to achieve distinctive flavors, to the delicately handcrafted design of each cake, Bon Vivant hopes to inspire and delight customers with luxury cupcakes.

Cakes have been recognized by Florence Manufacturer of The New York Times like “Elegant flavors packed into a square inch.” With this dedication to quality and finesse, Bon Vivant has attracted a wide range of clients, including iconic luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., fashion editors and top style designers, celebrities, as well as private clients in the United States and around the world.

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The menu

The store is designed to feature delightful French architectural details and display a collection of fine teas, luxurious gift sets and elaborate celebratory arrangements.

The Jersey City location will sell sweet cupcakes in various flavors like Vanilla Bourbon with layers of Delicate Vanilla Weathered Vanilla Cake with Bourbon Vanilla Bean Buttercream, or the Lavender Bloom Cupcake which consists of a delicate vanilla cake covered with an exquisite lavender bud buttercream. Other signature flavors include Coffee Cream, Lemon Zest and Rose Petal.

The café will also serve you its Diamonds, delicious shortbread cookies, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Bon Vivant will also serve Italian Julius Meinl espresso, coffee and an assortment of loose leaf teas from Austria. All restaurant orders are served on floral china, making it the perfect place for a pleasant afternoon tea.

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Laura J. Boyer