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The Barton House, the first structure built (as a test for the architect) for Darwin Martin’s sister and brother-in-law, features many of the same thoughtful touches as its larger neighbor next door. Wright’s custom-designed oak dining set – a table and eight chairs – is on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Frank Lloyd Wright also designed furniture specifically for each space, including the Barton House dining set.

Photography / Matt Digati

The culmination of a 25-year restoration effort last year means that there is now no museum visit that can match the experience of seeing these works as they were first imagined. times – in the house itself. One of Wright’s earliest works almost lost in time, Maison Martin offers an unprecedented immersion in his avant-garde vision and projects his creations in the most powerful frame.

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When the considerable restoration effort of the Martin House was underway, the original pieces began to find their way into the house.

First there was a set of birdhouses, which returned from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in 2006. Then the Gray Art Gallery at New York University returned its Tree of Life window in 2010.

A flurry of meetings then took place.

Albright-Knox donated the rest of their Martin House collection in 2011, including key pieces: an iconic barrel chair, table, side chair and Tree of Life window. And the University of Victoria, BC, returned seven pieces to Buffalo, including a pair of cabinet doors and a Wisteria window.


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