NorthRock Partners launches NorthRock X, a financial and lifestyle advisory firm dedicated to supporting athletes and artists

NorthRock X is the premier financial and lifestyle consulting firm dedicated to professional athletes, executives and artists. With over 140 customers worldwide, NorthRock X creates a personal office experience, offering advice and services uniquely tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs. Through a team of trusted advisors who work seamlessly with agents, business leaders, family and other key stakeholders within a client’s inner circle, NorthRock X is dedicated to providing advice experts, personalized services and tailored lifestyle management tools that meet the needs of today’s elite athletes. and artists, allowing them to focus on their craft.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join NorthRock and partner with Rob and Tony to continue to empower athletes with comprehensive guidance and coaching,” said the new President. Aaron Ryan. “The life of the modern athlete is continually more complex, with greater demands and, in turn, greater opportunities than ever before. NorthRock X is the perfect partner to help these elite individuals see their success live. beyond the playing field.”

In his new role as President of NorthRock X, Aaron will provide leadership and vision for one of the fastest growing business segments for NorthRock Partners, with the goal of providing clients with exceptional business and financial services while by being at the forefront of culture, technology and social impact. Aaron leads a team of experienced professionals who understand the nuances of today’s media landscape and can maximize opportunity while simplifying complexity, helping elite artists reach their potential and create lasting impact.

Prior to joining NorthRock X as President, Aaron Ryan was the first commissioner and president of Overtime Elite (OTE), the world basketball league for the next generation of athletes and fans. In the league’s first full year, Overtime Elite produced incredible results, including the hiring of an NCAA championship coach Kevin Ollie, building a state-of-the-art 103,000 square foot facility in 6 months and signing 27 elite athletes, three of whom have signed with NBA teams entering the NBA Summer League. Prior to Overtime Elite, Ryan served as Chief Operating Officer at Relevant Sports, the operator of the International Champion Cup, where he oversaw all internal business functions, focusing on the continued growth of the largest private football company in North America and Asia. This follows a distinguished 22-year career with the National Basketball Association, where he helped manage the business operations of numerous properties within the league, including UNITED STATES Basketball and the NBA 2K League, the first official esports league run by an American professional sports league now in its 5th season.

“Aaron understands sports business and the athlete mindset better than anyone, and we are thrilled to have him leading this new venture for NorthRock,” said the CEO of NorthRock Partners. Rob Nelson. “Together with Tony, NorthRock X will be the preeminent partner for those looking to improve the way they invest, give back, and ultimately live.”

“Today’s athletes understand that the success we create while we play can live on and pay dividends for ourselves, our families and our communities if we partner with the right people, plan ahead. move forward and make big investments,” Parker said. “I’m thrilled to team up with Aaron because he brings a wealth of experience and connections, but more than anything he understands the culture and wants to empower our customers, from athletes to artists to executives, to to be exceptional at all levels.”

About NorthRock Partners:

NorthRock Partners is a financial and lifestyle advisory firm committed to helping exceptional people live exceptional lives. Through our Personal Office® experience, NorthRock seamlessly provides tailored advice and services to give clients more time to make the impact they want in the world and live their best life. With over $4 billion in terms of assets under management and clients worldwide, NorthRock is among the top 1% of registered investment advisory firms in the country. For nearly 30 years, NorthRock advisors have put the client at the center of everything they do – providing unparalleled advice and unique services that enable each individual to reach their potential.


NorthRock X is a registered trademark owned and used by NorthRock Partners LLC. All investment advisory and Personal Office® services are provided by and through NorthRock Partners LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. Registration with the SEC does not imply any particular level of skill or training.

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