Night surf pumping Noosa, Wilko’s fear of sharks and have you ever seen a whale bodysurf?


1. Surfing loses its most important permanent document

What a boost to wake up on Sunday morning to hear that the original surf magazine, Surfer, was being closed. He has been chronicling surf culture since 1960. You could argue that surfing has its roots more closely tied to magazines than any other major sport or (counter) culture movement in modern history, so if the demise of the print is widespread, it means a little more. to us and our connection to our history. This news of course comes after the other major American magazines of Surfing and Transworld Surf were sent to shredders in 2017 and 2013 respectively. Surfer’s Diary is the only mag that remains out there. Strangely enough, on our side of the Pacific in Aus, we only lost Waves mag, while all other mags apart Tracks took the old school independent route with a smaller distribution and less frequency.

To better read the state of the landscape at the end of Surfer, check Sean Doherty’s article we published on Sunday.

Interesting and disappointing was the response of a major, if not dominant, section of the online surfing community (including on Coast Guard) attributing the end of Surfer to magazine endorsing Biden for the next election last week, although it is very clear that the myriad of aggravating factors, like Instagram and general internet consumption, have signaled the end of this magazine and many others long ago. (Even the local Australian newspaper industry shut down in May this year when News Corp stopped printing 100 regions.) These things, along with the decimation of year-round air travel, where magazines most of their over-the-counter sales have meant the end of this special and long-standing pillar of our culture. But sure, kick your kicks where you can, I guess. The whole thing is a major disappointment.

2. Watch Wilko get buzzed by a shark

Oooof! Matty Wilko and a decently sized shark got a bit closer on Wednesday at Ballina. The incredible footage was captured by a Surf Life Saving NSW drone, which also alerted Wilko of the shark danger via a warning on its speaker.

“I heard a splash and a noise, I looked around and saw nothing,” Wilko said. “Then the drone came down and told me there was a dangerous shark in the area, go back to the beach … I got to the shore feeling a little weird and the rescuers showed me the images and realized how close it was without knowing it. was here. Looks like it’s okay with my leg and it changed my mind… I feel grateful and quite weird at the same time but happy that he decided not to go.


3. Mikey Wright and Isabella Nichols won Straddie

It was a fun exhibition match with some of Australia’s top surfers hitting Straddie for a CT type surf model. Following this competition and the previous Cabarita event, Mikey Wright shares the # 1 ranking for this series of local saves. You might remember Mikey was going to face Italian star Leo Fioravanti for the last remaining spot at CT 2020, with the higher-ranked of the two continuing after the first two events. Looking at Mikey’s form right now, it looks like he would have been pretty hard to beat. In short, here are some barrels of the event:

4. Have you ever seen a whale bodysurf?

* Cue joke about the old mate hitting the waves after the Christmas season *. Drone pilot Daniel Cook captured a pair of minke whales feeding among surfers at Lennox Head this week. The most extraordinary are the images of them crossing the swell like Rasta or Mark Cunningham. Reminder, whales and dolphins and all … these are not your pets.

5. Presentation of Homegrown Nathan Cook

The Cenny Coast chipper from the early 1920s shreds in Indo, Hawaii and at home on the east coast of Aus. Hits, tunes and a little punch in his turns to boot, what more could you want from a surfer? Accessories also to young Nick Colclough / Kookley Media on the cut and for putting Hole on the soundtrack. Classic.

6. Barbarian Days is going to be a movie

Funny thing, I was listening to a movie podcast the other day, in which the landlocked non-surfing American hosts were discussing… ahh… movies… and like a throwaway cue, one of them said, “When are we going?” -see us Barbarian days turned into a movie? The idea had never even crossed my mind. But could you watch this, a few months later, New Yorker William Finnegan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning surf memoir was bought by Amazon Studios and set aside for someone to write and direct it – Stephen Gaghan.

Gaghan has already adapted the British TV series Trafik for the screen, which has become Circulation, directed by Steven Soderbergh, and won him an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. He also wrote and directed Syriana, which won another Oscar nomination for screenplay. Recently, and much less in particular, he directed the panoramic Dolittle, and the almost forgotten Matthew McConaughey vehicle Gold.

So another great American surf movie on the cards, we don’t like it ?!

To remind us of the vibe, here’s a clip of Finnegan reading some excerpts from his book, cut to a few images of the legend Rusty Miller.

7. More B sides of the Pentacoastal

Wade Goodall’s epic May movie (co-directed by Shane Fletcher) drops those sweet footage from the cutting room floor to us. This week is a Noosa night session. The crew hit Tea-Tree at 2 a.m. during a full moon during the time of Cyclone Oma, dodging the crowds by plugging in a car battery and spotlight.

8. Chris Burkard Unnur

Chris Burkard is one of the world’s most formidable surf photographers. Earlier this year he created a beautiful 17-minute doco at the Tribeca Film Festival called Unnur. He is an Icelandic kayaker turned surfer, whose outlook on life and fatherhood has changed after a near-death experience. This week it became available for everyone to watch:

9. A nice clip of Nate Zoller

Nate Zoller is an American surfer with a passion for travel, perhaps in the mold of Torren Martyn, not so much in the sense of surfing, but in the general approach to a semi-professional surfing life. This week he dropped a long cut for sponsor Roark. Roark is that outdoor brand that also sponsors Harrison Roach and sells things like backpacks and axes.

Here’s what Zoller wrote about the clip:

“Before the lockdown I had been on the road a lot. Much disappeared. Mexico, South America, Fiji, Indo, Hawaii, with the intention to continue. But as the world closed, the ability to disappear was removed and we all found ourselves sitting in our homesick from yesterday. In honor of this pursuit that we once held so closely within our grasp, I decided to release a longer edit filmed entirely abroad with original songs by Matt Costa, Yves Compositions, Rebeka Fodor and some classics from the Butthole Surfers. It’s a celebration of the good times on the road, away from home but in exactly the right place.

10. Bit of Wave Pool News: Surf Lakes is getting smaller

This large round steam punk pool from Yeppoon, QLD, tinkered with its design and came up with something that could make the likelihood of your neighborhood getting one of these pools much more likely. Go smaller.

You can read all about it in our report here, or just watch the video below. Or both!

And it was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.


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