Making It Work: Streaming move sees movie analytics company more than double its workforce

Usheru, the Dublin-based film analytics company, has more than doubled its workforce in the past two years after embracing the streaming market, according to its co-founder.

Oliver Fegan, who helped found the company more than seven years ago, said Usheru overcame the challenges presented by the pandemic after successfully adding to its core product offering in March 2020. The company now employs over 25 people and has customers. in 17 countries.

Until March 2020, the Enterprise Ireland-backed company had only used its software to help customers convert moviegoers into potential viewers. But just before the pandemic hit, it launched a premium integrated video-on-demand (PVOD) solution that gives customers their own streaming player for home entertainment.

This decision turned out to be extremely fortuitous for Usheru, as cinemas around the world closed due to the pandemic. “In the face of adversity, we managed to stay alive,” Fegan said.

In its early days, Usheru used GPS to help moviegoers find out about last-minute deals for screenings in their locality. But its founders quickly realized there was more growth potential in the B2B sector and began working with film distributors and national film boards. Today he builds online platforms for distributors such as Universal, Sony, StudioCanal and Element Pictures.

Usheru has also developed data analytics software that can help companies fine-tune their marketing campaigns, showing them which ads turn into “bums in the seats,” Fegan told The Daily Mail. Business post.

“We learned very early on that the price of a ticket doesn’t determine whether a consumer goes to see a movie.”

Instead, smart, data-driven marketing can mean the difference between a viewer and a lost customer, and that’s where Usheru believes he gives his customers an edge.

Using an Usheru platform, businesses can show customers exactly where and when they can see a movie at a particular venue and then direct them to purchase a ticket on the movie theater’s website.

“We always say making movies is art, but selling movies is e-commerce,” explained Fegan, a former Dragons’ Den winner with a previous venture. “Everything we do is designed to build those direct relationships with consumers.”

Usheru doesn’t just work with businesses. It also counts many national film boards, including Screen Ireland and the German Film Board, among its clients. They use Usheru’s software to market their country’s film offering to customers around the world.

“We recently indexed 17,000 German films and showed where they are available to watch around the world,” Fegan said.

Usheru has seen significant growth over the past two years, but Fegan said the company is determined to grow in a sustainable way. “The key for us is to continue to put the consumer first,” he said. “If you don’t, you won’t be relevant in 20 years.”

Laura J. Boyer