Interactive game studios and Warner Bros. IPs. could be for sale soon, Xbox and PlayStation interested

Earlier in April, the merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia officially closed, becoming Discovery of Warner Bros.. Warner Bros. game studios. Interactive were largely left on their own during the merger period, not selling Playdemic to EA until June 2021. Now that the merger is complete and Warner Bros. Discovery is restructuring, plans for Warner Bros. Interactive seem to have changed. A report claims that Warner Bros. Discovery is already buying its studios from interested parties, including PlayStation and Xbox.


The report comes from Fanbyte Media’s Imran Khan, who says he’s “hearing some decent chatter” regarding WB Discovery’s new plans. Khan explains that WB Discovery is buying his game studios. The list of Warner Bros. studios. Interactive currently includes Hogwarts Legacy Avalanche Software Studio, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor developer Monolith Productions, mortal combat creator NetherRealm Studios, Batman: Arkham and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League studio Rocksteady Studios, as well as TT Games and WB studios in Montreal, Boston, New York, San Diego and San Francisco.

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One detail Khan draws attention to is that WB Discovery is specifically considering selling its game studios and not its intellectual property. In other words, WB Discovery wants to sell Rocksteady and fire the Batman and suicide squad properties, sell Avalanche and license Harry Potterand, potentially, sell NetherRealm while retaining and licensing mortal combat.

It’s no surprise that a list of parties are already interested in potentially acquiring one of WB Discovery’s game studios, a list Khan has also shared online. Microsoft and Sony are both on the list, unsurprisingly, as they are both aggressively acquiring studios for Xbox and PlayStation, respectively. Other interested parties include Electronic Arts, Netease, Take-Two, Tencent, and even PUBG Corp. Needless to say, while Warner Bros. Discovery sells its studios, it can expect aggressive offers.

What remains to be seen is how well Warner Bros. Discovery will be willing to split its studios into pieces. He could probably sell the whole Warner Bros. umbrella. Interactive, with all its studios, if it wanted to. Or, he could sell his studios piecemeal, with one going to PlayStation, the other to Xbox, and so on. He could also deign to keep certain studios.

One thing worth pointing out is that Khan leaves some uncertainty in his reporting on WB Discovery’s game studios. He’s confident enough to share what he heard on Twitter, but says he couldn’t get the kind of confirmation he’d want for a full story. Khan wouldn’t share it at all unless he was reasonably confident. Expect more reports on the subject of Discovery of Warner Bros. studio sales in the future.

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