IndyBar: Reach: Consumer-Friendly Language Wins Law Firm Marketing

Jared Correia

By Jared Correia, IndyBar Law Practice Management Consultant, Red Cave Legal Consulting

When it comes to content marketing, most lawyers wonder what to write. But in reality, the most important question is how to write.

The fact is, lawyers tend to write like lawyers, regardless of the audience. That means they use two-dollar words, legal art terms, and a lot of Latin. Now it works when the audience is made up of other lawyers, who eat all that stuff. But when trying to create content for legal consumers, lawyers need to take a different approach.

Your potential clients have no idea what a crime is, won’t appreciate a turn of phrase from Cicero, and will prefer fewer syllables. That being said, legal consumers are very interested in the legal process. Combine these two things and understand that if you can create user-friendly content while focusing on answering customer questions about what you do, it will be extremely helpful in expanding your demands. And if you can think of what you’re doing to help customers, that’s a target.

So if you’re pushing the angle of content for marketing (as you should be because it’s very profitable) and creating content yourself (as you should be because it looks more authentic that way) but you’re still not getting the support you need, ask a lay friend if they understand what you’re trying to get across.

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