Historic Huddleston Home for Sale

March 3, 2022

CAMBRIDGE CITY – Indiana Landmarks, owner of Huddleston Farm in Cambridge City, has announced that the historic property is for sale. The house became the organization’s first regional office in 1974. John and Susannah Huddleston built the 14-room farmhouse in 1841 for their family of 13, using part of the house as a hostel to serve travelers along the national road. Four generations lived on the farm before it was sold by the family in the 1930s. Among its many uses over the years, the house served as a local restaurant before Indiana Landmarks acquired the property and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a multi-year restoration of the house, barn, carriage shed, smokehouse and spring.
As the Eastern Regional Office, Huddleston Farm has become a hub for preservation in surrounding communities, housing a resource library and hosting workshops to provide insight into best practices. The landmark also served as a museum where visitors could learn about the Huddleston family, pioneer heritage, and travel along the state highway. And it has served as the backdrop for harvest suppers, an antique market, and celebrations of local wine and art. Indiana Landmarks worked with a committee of local museum professionals and history experts to find the best homes for the farm’s collection of artifacts and exhibits as they prepare the property for sale. Available for $349,900, Huddleston Farm offers the opportunity to own a high profile landmark along the National Highway.

Laura J. Boyer