Gustavo Alfaro, enthusiastic about the firm possibility of going to the World Cup: “On the verge of realizing my dream”

The coach of the Ecuador national teamargentinian Gustav Alfaroassured this Tuesday that he is about to achieve his dream of playing a world and said that sorting He will not change his characteristics, nor his way of playing this Thursday against Paraguay.

“I’m about to be able to fulfill a dream for me, which is to be able to play in a World Cup. This will be the most important event of my 30-year career“, Alfaro said, ahead of the penultimate game of the South American qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cupagainst Paraguay in Ciudad del Este.

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Under his command, Ecuador have 25 points in 16 games played who hold him back Third placein the absence of the matches against Paraguay and against Argentina, on March 29, in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. He only needs to score a point to secure a place in the World Cup.

The coach insisted that against Paraguay “Ecuador cannot and must not deviate from what they have been doing throughout the game”.

“I’m about to realize my dream,” said Gustavo Alfaro (Photo: AFP).

And he continued: “I always tell my players that attitude is more important than tacticsbecause attitude is the ability of a team to know that what they have is enough to achieve the goal, in a game or in a draw”.

For Alfaro, Ecuador must play with the same intensity as usual

For Alfaro, Ecuador should not slow down, nor the intensity with which he played because when he did, he suffered. “We can’t let go of what we’ve done so far. If we get to this place in third position, we have to try to finish the same way, because Ecuador has done enough merit to not depend on anyone,” he said.

Alfaro recalled that very good things had happened to him in his career as technical director of clubs, and other very hard ones, but while playing a World Cup it will be a unique scenariosublime and different.


The Argentine coach said that from reading and philosophy he extracted a thought: “to search, without searching”, and looked for a way to transfer it to his daily life, which is why since 2006 he started to cover the World Cups and all the selection processes, and ended up realizing that he had begun “to seek, without seeking.”

“I felt that this challenge that was born in me, once I realized First, had settled in me, but not as an urgent need, but as a challenge, and to practice this art of seeking, without to look for, the day came when they called me to lead Ecuador“, he expressed.

The key, first a surprise and then a reality in the current encounter, started with the agreement with the players to first form a team, then find a group and the team would come out of the group.

It was Alfaro’s intention and way of looking for the conformation of everything they needed, and that “getting the ticket to play the World Cup in Qatar depended much more on our coexistence as a group. , than football performance within the field”.

He assured that he always told his players that all the teams in South America had as much or more hierarchy than Ecuador could have, but that the most that would make the difference would have the group, and that if the group was looking to form this answer, the ranking was going to be much more obvious.

South American Qualifiers Position Chart

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Laura J. Boyer