‘Ghosts’ Star Asher Grodman Talks ‘Bidding War’ Over Mark Hamill’s Possible Guest Appearance (Exclusive)

As far as fans are concerned, CBS’ hit freshman sitcom Ghosts has some of the legit best around. From many theories about the history of our favorite Woodstone Estate ghosts to creative and creative fan art posted on social media, Ghosts became a bonafide hit for the network thanks to clever writing, brilliant performances led by an affably charming cast, and a distinctly unique story far from its BBC inspiration. But as far as fans are concerned, the show has one of the greatest actors and star wars icon, Mark Hamill who tweeted about the show during its Season 2 renewal.

“Trevor’s pants.”

“There are 10 of us and eight of us are in LA and two of us are here in New York, myself and Richie who plays Pete. So we were doing the six hour drive home and Richie at a point was like ‘Mark Hamill tweets about our show. I don’t know how we didn’t have a car accident. I was like, ‘What? What? “, He told PopCulture with a laugh. “Then he tweeted each one of us individually like he was in this kindness party or something and it was amazing.”

Ask if Hamill has a place in the Ghosts universe, Grodman grins from cheek to cheek. “Mark can do whatever he wants in the Phantom universe!” he said. “I sent out a tweet, I think I was like ‘Luke, do you want to be my dad?’ So we’ll have to do another flashback episode. We’d have a bidding war over which storyline Mark Hamill would be in.” Asking how interesting it would be to see Hamill as maybe Sam’s (Rose McIver) dad or even a relative of Pete’s (Richie Moriarty) , Grodman is most endearingly selfish.” Or Trevor’s dad. The rest doesn’t really matter,” he said with a laugh.

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the exchange, which took place last January, found Hamill tweeting about the series to his nearly 5 million followers, giving his approval for the series “smart, witty, whimsical, very funny with a BRILLIANT cast that exceeds perfection”. Grodman replied that he was honored by Hamill’s kind gesture taking another moment to tweet the cast individually, including the New York native. “Very nice of you to say Asher [and] I look forward to your battle with Pete”, hamill wrote in message. “It can’t be easy to make a narcissistic womanizer so likable, but you’re great at doing it effortlessly in every episode. I have to say, I envy you working like I’m home: pantsless.”

Although it has not yet been confirmed that Hamill will ever appear on the show, Ghosts has become an absolute favorite among audiences with ratings rising week after week, something Grodman doesn’t take for granted and sincerely appreciates. Admitting that it has a lot to do with the excellent writing thanks to an incredible writers room and their creators, Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, Grodman told PopCulture he could see the appeal most clearly. “They’re so smart and funny and sincere. There’s so much joy on the page, which is amazing and really rare,” he said. “I also think the concept is so smart that in any episode you can go in any direction and the fact that there are so many possibilities is very exciting.”

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Further sharing how much he loves his cast, it is undoubtedly a genuine affection which translates beautifully with their on-screen chemistry. “The people I work with, the cast, are amazing. On top of that, there’s something about taking the most inaccessible thing in the world, which is people after they die, and to make them totally accessible to the point where it’s mundane,” Grodman said. “They’re still there and we can’t get away from them, I think it does things that can be very dark, very joyful and accessible and people love that, which is the biggest thrill in the world.”

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Laura J. Boyer