Furniture magnate mansion for sale in Grand Rapids

A large residence built for one of the people who helped give Grand Rapids the nickname “Furniture City” has gone on the market for $925,000.

The historic 11-bedroom, 7-bathroom Heritage Hill mansion was built in 1897 for Albert Stickley, president of Stickley Brothers Furniture Co. Check out the photos in the gallery below!

Kate W Houseman, Coldwell banker

Kate W Houseman, Coldwell banker

Looks like the Stickleys were a furniture family for sure! The five Stickley brothers once worked together in an earlier business also named Stickley Brothers Furniture Co. in upstate New York. However, Albert brought the name and his brother John George to Grand Rapids and started his own business called Stickley Brothers Furniture Co. in 1891 on Godfrey SW.

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Their brothers, Gustav and Leopold opened their own business, United Crafts, in 1899. The family is known for bringing the Arts and Crafts style to the United States, and Albert in particular for Colonial Revival and Mission style furniture.

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Now that we know a bit more about his style of furniture, what about the style of house that was built for Albert?

According to the list,

This unique Roman brick structure retains much of its charm, including covered porches, 5 original fireplaces, intricately detailed hardware, crown molding, hardwood floors, large windows and high ceilings.

Now 11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms make up an ENTIRE house, and in the 1940s the house was converted into six “unique and spacious” apartments. What happened to Albert and Stickley Brothers Furniture?

Unfortunately, tragedy struck Albert as he approached retirement. According to Arts and Crafts Collector,

After already suffering the death of his five-year-old son, Albert, Jr., Stickley watched his 20-year-old daughter Margaret die of pneumonia. Two years later, his factory caught fire, trapping one of his employees inside, where he burned to death. Then, in 1924, his 37-year-old wife, Jane Worden, died suddenly.

Albert remarried, but left Grand Rapids and retired to his sprawling eight-bedroom lodge he had built near his sawmill in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But before he could just begin to enjoy his hard-earned retirement, Albert suffered a heart attack and died aged 65.

WOW. It is certainly a lot for one person.

The residence at 60 Prospect Ave. NE has also been through a lot – renovations and several owners over the years, it still retains its historic charm.

If you have the money, this could serve as an income property or, as the listing suggests, “this stately home could be transformed into an incredible single-family residence.”

Grand Rapids Furniture Magnate’s historic mansion on the market for $925,000

A historic 11-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion built in 1897 for Albert Stickley, president of Stickley Brothers Furniture Co., hit the market for $925,000. Although converted into 6 apartments in the 1940s, the large historic property still boasts many original features including covered porches, 5 fireplaces, finely detailed hardware, crown moldings, hardwood floors , large windows and high ceilings. It is located near the Medical Mile and in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.

Laura J. Boyer