Former Spalding joke shop is on the market for £40,000

The small former joke shop in Spalding town center is on the market for £40,000 – with one artist claiming that kept him from taking it.

Abstract artist Joey Lowe had wanted to open in the former ‘Parky’s Pranks’ shop in The Crescent – but said the price put him out of reach.

The store’s listing — on the market with Longstaff — says it has 62 square feet of usable floor space and no toilets or water hookups.

The Old Joke Shop in the Crescent, Spalding (55784545)

The store, powered by electricity, has been on the market for almost a year.

Mr Lowe said: “My intention would have been to make this the smallest art gallery – that I know of – in Lincolnshire.

“Unfortunately I don’t have £40,000. If it had been leased it would have been much easier to finance it.

“It’s disappointing that he was left behind – it spoils the vibe of The Crescent.”

Mr Lowe, who has exhibited his work in Ayscoughfee and now exhibits art in Louth, called for a gallery in the town to showcase and celebrate our artists.

He has already inquired about the display of artwork in one of the empty downtown stores while the owners try to find a new retailer.

He added: “I contacted a few locals and said I would like to rent an empty shop for a month and do an art exhibition and they all said they didn’t want to do anything at short notice. “

He also thinks it would be nice if artists and pop-up businesses had a space in the city from which to launch or grow their businesses – with many people starting businesses from home during lockdown.

He called on council leaders to work with the community to help create this kind of space as part of efforts to revive the city.

The owner of The Crescent’s former joke shop has contacted the Spalding Guardian and said he thinks the price is right.

Laura J. Boyer