Following their public sale, Shibui Labs LLC has announced that their NFT Collection “The Soulless Citadel” is now available on Zilswap’s Arky Market.

“The Soulless Citadel” NFT Collection goes live on Zilswap’s Arky Marketplace.

Shibui Labs LLC, the creator of the new story-based NFT collection “The Soulless Citadel”, announced its successful integration with Arky on March 11. This listing on Zilswap’s NFT Marketplace provides a valuable platform for the Soulless Citadel community, a platform where anyone can now buy and sell Soulless NFTs. The announcement came shortly after the project’s record-breaking public sale, where the entire collection sold out faster than any NFT project on Zilliqa to date.

Since the conclusion of this initial sale, which totaled 7.373 million ZIL (~295,000 USD) in just six days, the trading volume on Arky has now reached a level of over 900,000 ZIL (~36,000 USD). This total includes the massive sale of 250,000 ZIL (~$10,000) of a single “Legend” rated NFT.

Shibui Labs co-founders James Fazio and Elliot Gray have a long history of collaboration. Together, they have created award-winning documentaries, worked for various nonprofits, and succeeded in the areas of business storytelling and branding. The idea for The Soulless Citadel, a project combining art, storytelling and blockchain, quickly became the main focus of their creative talents. Eventually, the project led to James and Elliot partnering with boutique development studio Quinence.

Quinence’s director is Ratul Saha, whose qualifications include a doctorate. in computer science from the National University of Singapore and a history of successful work in the blockchain industry dating back to 2013. He described the studio as “a strong proponent of technology education,” a statement put in evident by their training of over a hundred developers on Zilliqa and a prolific history of mentoring Zilliqa-based projects. Zilliqa’s own website states, “Quinence is Zilliqa’s preferred development partner.” The reasoning for this preference was recently shown to be more than justified when Quinence played a major role in creating the true next-gen ZRC-6 and ZRC-7 standards, both of which are now complete and live on the Zilliqa blockchain. Quinence’s development talent has been a boon to Zilliqa and other major blockchain companies such as the Web3 foundation and Tezos.

The Soulless Citadel has now achieved the goal of a successful first edition and market listing. Still, according to co-founder and lead artist James Fazio, this is just the start of a long list of future improvements. Currently under development by the team is a robust trading platform specifically designed for their NFTs. This valuable resource is described as having many options and features, all of which aim to provide the best possible experience for NFT Soulless Citadel owners. After the completion of this platform, there are plans to continue releasing new story chapters that further reveal the legend of the Citadel and the souls bound eternally within its walls. These new chapters will be accompanied by additional NFT collections and the possible gamification of the project. Shibui Labs has stated that its primary goal is to continually improve the Soulless Citadel experience. Eventually, they even hope to create an animated series or a feature film telling the legend of the Soulless Citadel.

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