Florida Panhandle stands out as Tropical Storm Marco weakens in Gulf


After finally turning into a hurricane on Sunday afternoon, Marco weakened to a tropical storm late last night and continues to lose strength as it approaches the northern Gulf Coast this morning. At 45 knots, the storm is turning west today and is expected to make landfall along the Louisiana coast before dissipating inland on Tuesday.

Watch Marco’s Surf Live: FL Panhandle | FL west | Texas

Surf is on the rise around the Gulf this morning, pulling most areas out of a flat late summer period. Ideally, for surfing, Marco’s track would have been a little further west, as it crossed the Yucatan Canal to promote the generation of swells for the central and eastern coasts of the Gulf. The Florida Panhandle is the exceptional area for Marco’s swell with head-to-head waves and easterly winds today, but West Florida is considerably smaller and only exceeds surf than in the most exposed waves. Marco is also sending a modest ESE swell boost to Texas – but they’ll see a lot more surf later in the week.

Watch live Navarre Pier on the Florida Panhandle.

If you’re a Gulf surfer, you’ve probably been praying for the waves. But you may have prayed too much. Tropical Storm Laura enters the Gulf from the east as Marco makes landfall. Laura could escalate into a powerful hurricane in the Gulf, threatening the same area as Marco by midweek. Prepare now if you are in Texas or Louisiana.

The True Story in the Tropics – Tropical Storm Laura

Last satellite look at the storm over the Gulf of Mexico and northwestern Caribbean Sea.


  • Waves in the water – The gulf ends its flat spell
  • Weakening before approaching land – no hurricane hitting land
  • FL Panhandle sees the best surf and the best conditions – head to head surf with an easterly wind

Expert premium forecast: Handle | West Florida

The bad

  • LA Coastal Impacts in the FL Panhandle
  • Storm track, size limits swell for West FL, TX
  • The track through the center of the Yucatan Canal limited the “swell of the canal”
  • Tropical Storm Laura could have larger negative impacts in the same area by mid-week

LOLA forecasts: South texas | Central emission | North Texas

The last forecast track from the National Hurricane Center.

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