Florida company unveils first look at ‘Space Lounge’

New Delhi: Florida-based company Space Perspective has just unveiled the first look of “Space Lounge”, a luxury cabin for space tourists.

Space Perspective will launch paying customers into the stratosphere aboard its “Spaceship Neptune”. It is a pressurized capsule that will sail above the Earth, lifted by ‘SpaceBalloon’.

The Florida-based company says Spaceship Neptune is the world’s only carbon-neutral spacecraft.

Spaceship Neptune

The Neptune Spacecraft includes the SpaceBalloon, Reserve Descent System, and Neptune Capsule.

In all other spacecraft, the crewed compartment separates from one flight system in flight and is transferred to another flight system. Unlike those spacecraft, the Neptune spacecraft’s capsule remains attached to the SpaceBalloon for the entire flight, from takeoff to landing, Space Perspective said on its website.

The SpaceBalloon, powered by renewable hydrogen, will lift the Spaceship Neptune, without using a rocket.

The Neptune capsule is a pressurized and spacious capsule, which will allow space explorers to have a spectacular view of the Earth from space.

The company unveiled artist illustrations of the interior of the Neptune spacecraft on April 12, the anniversary of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first human spaceflight in 1961. The luxury cabin inside the Neptune spacecraft features 360-degree panoramic windows and a toilet with a see-through.

What makes Space Lounge special?

The “Space Lounge” luxury cabin features a state-of-the-art customizable interior. The cabin has comfortable lounge chairs, mood lighting, and plants and herbs such as lavender, basil, and rosemary, which can be used in food and drink preparations.

This will create a calming environment, according to Space Perspective.

Space explorers can enjoy stunning views from the 360 ​​degree panoramic windows. Space Perspective claims these are the largest spaceflights ever made.

In order to improve the feeling of comfort inside the capsule, the main surfaces have been designed to be dark, soft and tactile. It will also reduce reflection and glare in windows.

The luxurious toilets have a large window, which will allow explorers to enjoy an incredible view.

A telescope, interactive screens and decorations such as streetlights will also be included in the Space Lounge, Space Perspective representatives said, according to a report from space.com.

The lounge was designed in such a way that space tourists can participate in social interactions. Thanks to the arched seats, passengers can have a wider view of the Earth, stretch their legs and stand comfortably in front of their seat.

The best part is that there will be wifi on board the flight and explorers can live stream their experience.

Space Perspective will also provide catering services.

According to Space Perspective, the entire experience will be captured with interior and exterior video and imagery, making the trip one of the best-documented six hours of a passenger’s life.

It is reported that Space Perspective will begin commercial flights in 2024, and each paying customer is expected to pay around $125,000 to enjoy views of the curvature of the Earth from the Space Lounge.

Space Perspective has about 600 people on its waiting list so far.

Laura J. Boyer