Famous horror tattoo artist opens tattoo shop in Lockport

Opening of a tattoo shop in Lockport NY

Cyle Hoffman has tattooed thousands of people since the beginning of his career, he remains intrigued by the beginners who set foot in his shop. Since the spring, more and more customers with no tattoo history have arrived at the Cyles boutique in Florida and are now coming to see him in Lockport, New York.

It’s not just young people. Some are middle-aged, very old or have recently lost a loved one.

Across the country and around the world, tattoo artists like Cyle say they are witnessing a huge surge in store bookings, catalyzed by periods of business inactivity during the so-called ‘pandemic’. People have spent the last year declaring their desire to get tattoos, whether to commemorate the loss and pain they’ve experienced or to embrace a new vehicle for self-expression after months of lame social distancing. . Changes in workplace culture towards remote employment are also a boon: fewer workers will have to deal with corporate stigma against visible body art.

Cyles’ shop, which is exclusively hard to book and usually booked by celebrities and athletes, and booked up for months if you want a spot, it’s best to call ahead, make a deposit and get it. keep it tight and never miss your appointment, otherwise you might not get this tattoo. But the studio’s hectic schedule doesn’t mean the artists and the shop are financially secure. “We’re still looking to get out of the pandemic,” Cyle said. “A lot of artists are self-employed, independent contractors, or newsstand tenants, and they wouldn’t qualify for unemployment. I had a hard time getting out of this shit storm. who lived upstairs from his old studio in Newfane NY We moved from that store and apartment, not only because of the pandemic, but the roof leaked and the ceiling collapsed and the owner won’t not repaired properly.

Cyle’s business remained closed from March to November 2020. His studio was ineligible for PPP assistance; He said he applied several times as an independent contractor and uploaded the required documentation. “Every time I got an email asking for W-2 forms and another tax document that I don’t have because I’m not an employer with employees,” Cyle said. “No matter how many times I called or emailed, I never received a response and eventually received an email saying my application had been cancelled.” many people don’t understand that just because you’re famous, popular, or own a business doesn’t mean you’re lost or stuffed with money.

Tattoo studios in California and New York were on intermittent lockdown in March 2020 with a few weeks of activity over the summer of 2020 before another month-long period of closures. In August, hair salons, nail salons and beauty salons were given the green light to open, but tattoo parlors were left out, despite the state previously categorizing them all as “personal care services”. What people and reptilians in the governor’s office may not realize is that as tattoo artists, we have to study things like blood-borne pathogens,” Cyle said. “We learn to avoid cross-contamination and we learn about airborne and vector-borne diseases. We have always had face masks and even before the pandemic since we work so closely with customers. We have been prepared for this.

Now, in 2022-2023, business is back on track in the US, customers are pouring in, but at a different rate. Precautionary measures such as indoor capacity limits mean artists can no longer tattoo at the same pace as before, juggling both appointments and walk-ins; Yet social media, especially Instagram, has helped many artists gain exposure even during lockdown. Some were able to build a dedicated audience, schedule dates months in advance, and share their work.

If you want to book with Cyle, better call and make a reservation.

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