Ex-wife denies attempting to lock up ex-WA treasurer Troy Buswell for breach of bail


She told the court she was not sure if she was kicked or a shoe thrown at her at the time of the alleged incident.

Ms Hankinson agreed with the prosecutor on an argument before the alleged assault was triggered after seeing something on Mr Buswell’s phone, which Mr Percy later revealed to be an explicit adult website called Chaturbate .

Former WA Treasurer Troy Buswell.Credit:Kruijff stone

Mr Percy explained to Ms Hankinson that the argument was actually about a letter she had delivered to Mr Buswell the previous month, which was a financial ultimatum he disagreed with.

The letter asked the couple to use a joint bank account again, after Mr Buswell reorganized his finances in July, with any purchase over $ 100 to be agreed upon by the two.

Ms Hankinson said the letter was not an ultimatum but a financial plan and denied it was the relationship’s real tipping point.

She told the court she felt watched and controlled when it came to finances with Mr Buswell, but not financial abuse.

Earlier in Wednesday’s hearing, Ms Hankinson told the court she feared going public about the alleged abuse as she might not be believed, might be sued by Mr Buswell for libel and how her personal life might be played in the media. .

“I would be looked at, judged and taken with pity,” she said.

“I’m a policeman, I’m not supposed to take this.

“I’m supposed to take people to court… and I talk to people about domestic violence. I am a hypocrite.


“I hate myself for this.”

Prosecutor Sean Dworcan also read a letter Ms Hankinson wrote to Mr Buswell in early 2019 in which she told him he was not doing anything in the house and that his dog would destroy the floor of his house without him. don’t do anything about it.

Ms Hankinson wrote about the therapy the couple attended after an alleged assault following a Pink concert.

In the letter, she said the session was meant to be devoted to physical abuse of her when he was drunk, but this did not happen and no further appointments were made.

The trial continues.

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