Downtown Winters Street Fair encourages hundreds to shop small and local – Daily Democrat

The Downtown Winters Street Fair – part of the city’s spring opening celebration – welcomed people from and around town to shop locally along the city’s iconic Main Street.

Sue Moualim, executive director of the Winters District Chamber of Commerce, said the event was great for getting locals out and encouraging tourism in the small town.

“This event highlights all our businesses that are right next to the event,” Moualim emphasized.

She pointed out that although the pandemic has taken a toll on businesses in the city, the future is bright.

“We have a lot of big business coming into town and we’re trying to get more business into town, especially here on Main Street,” she said. “Business is going to be very good here in the next few years.”

Kristen Karlen brought her mobile business – Roxie’s Flower Truck – to the event and offered to sell stem flowers or make a personalized bouquet for attendees.

Kristen Karlen, owner of Roxie’s Flower Truck, prepares a bouquet for a customer on Saturday in Winters. (Gerardo Zavala/Daily Democrat)

“We go to different pop-ups and events and stock the truck with take-out bouquets,” Karlen explained. “We will organize events like customer appreciation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We’ve done bridal showers, baby showers where all the guests make their own bouquets.

Although Karlen doesn’t have a storefront, she does work out of a workspace in Winters and makes local deliveries when she’s not at events.

Maria Hernandez, owner of Fairfield-based company I Will Cut You Creations, offered dozens of custom vinyl stickers she’s created or purchased from other vendors.

She opened her business — located at 710 Jackson St. in Fairfield — days before the COVID-19 pandemic forced Californians to shelter in their homes in March 2020.

“It was a little scary at first because it was unexpected and I didn’t know if my shop was going to survive,” Hernandez said.

She noted that events like these are important in getting more recognition for small businesses like hers.

However, thanks to social media and local support, Hernandez started shipping stickers and has now shipped them to over 40 states nationwide.

“It’s basically setting foot there just to engage with the community,” she said. “Then when people invite you back, you also get the regulars coming for you.”

Ro Rodriguez, who recently moved to Winters, attended the event with her friend because she wanted to support local businesses in town.

“It’s really cool to support local businesses in general and I think our culture as a whole has done that,” Rodriguez pointed out. “I love these types of events, especially in good weather.”

The Downtown Winters Spring Open will continue on Sunday with a Main Street Chalk Art from dawn to dusk inviting people to bring their own chalk, choose a section on Main Street between the railroad and the mid-level crossing. pâté and to share their artistic skills, according to the events Facebook page.

Laura J. Boyer