DigiRack NFT Marketplace launches on the Cardano blockchain with its presale whitelisting campaign

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Singapore, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DigiRack is a multi/cross-chain NFT Marketplace built on the Cardano Blockchain with art creators and end users in mind.

DigiRack will launch with additional features not yet seen on the Cardano Blockchain, such as its custom creator profiles and unique NFT Launchpad template.

The DigiRack NFT Marketplace, when launched, will ensure a friendly and easy to navigate user interface, custom creator/Marketplace pages, and a host of other unseen features that will be tailor-made for the DigiRack NFT Marketplace.

According to information on DigiRack’s Litepaper which was published earlier last week, it states its goals:

Our goal is to bring unique features that would bring more standardization and security when it comes to minting, listing and selling digital works and would also include cross-blockchain transactions, NFT bidding, timed auctions and personalized creator profiles, all bundled in a simple yet intuitive user interface »

Cardano blockchain

The team chose to build the DigiRacks NFT Marketplace on Cardano because of Cardanos model that uses the eUTXO mechanism in the sense that the UTXO is extended with an additional script (Smart Contract) that must return true before the tokens are sent, thus making Cardano secures Unmatched Blockchain.

DigiRack Features

Reduced fees: DigiRack will boast of the lowest fees associated with Blockchain Cardano.

NFT launch bar: DigiRack will not only be a place to buy and sell non-fungible tokens, but will also have its own NFT Lauchpad where creators can start and launch their NFT projects with support from the Cardano community.

Custom creator profile: Creators can choose to fill in their social media IDs like Twitter, Instagram, etc. to allow other users to interact with them on or off the DigiRack platform.

NFT staking: Users can choose to wager their NFTs over a set period of time to earn rewards in the DigiRack’s Utility Token “Rack” or other projects we partner with to distribute tokens.

NFT keystroke engine: The NFT Minting Engine will be an additional feature of the DigiRack NFT Marketplace, allowing art curators to be able to mint a single or a collection of art with a single click while paying less than a dollar in minting fees.

* In the future, we plan to introduce a no-cost NFT minting and listing which will require creators to hold a predefined minimum amount of $Rack tokens that can be able to mint and list their NFTs for free.

Presale whitelist

The DigiRack team is about to launch its pre-sale with a contest of 1000 ADA as a prize pool for participants.

Early birds have a chance to join the ongoing whitelist to secure a place for the pre-sale, as only DigiRack community whitelisted members can gain access to join the pre-sale event with a limited space available.

Join the presale whitelist

RACK token

$RACK is the utility token that will power the DigiRack NFT ecosystem as the team intends to make the project a community incentive platform and there will only be 50,000,000 $RACK tokens ever minted.

The $RACK token will be used in its ecosystem to mint and purchase the DigiRack NFT, will also be used in staking, will be used as a tiered method to access the live NFT tracking feature, and will also be used as governance for the DigiRack.Pre ecosystem – Sales distribution: 10,000,000

Minimum purchase: 500 ADA

Maximum purchase: 5000 ADA

Presale date: April 20, 2022

Development progress

The DigiRack NFT marketplace saw some positive action and the development team was able to test out some basic functions of an NFT marketplace, which includes minting, buying, and selling functionality, all from a wallet powered by Smart Contract.

This was all done in debug mode to get the full functionality of the DigiRack NFT Marketplace.

The development team is also working on cleaning up the UI and we are also doing an overhaul of the UI layout.

Presale whitelist: https://bit.ly/3LiBvJs

Social media handles:

Telegram: https://t.me/digiracknft

Twitter: https://twitter.com/digiracknfts

Organization: DigiRack
Name: Joe Paryse
Email: joe.paryse -at- digirack.io
Website: https://digirack.io/ 

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Source: DigiRack

Laura J. Boyer