Craigslist fake “photographer” jailed for rape


A Miami man has been arrested after allegedly posing as a photographer on Craigslist to lure two women to a remote location and then assault them.

Anthony Molina-Iglesias, 30, faces charges of sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, kidnapping and carjacking.

Police said he met two young women from Orlando on June 28 who responded to his Craigslist post offering modeling sessions. He drove their car through a wooded area in northern Miami-Dade County and took one of the women into the woods, apparently to photograph her. When he was far enough away from the car, he strangled the woman, tied her up and raped her.

Police say he then returned to the car and repeated the sequence with the second woman, after which he drove off in their car.

A photo of Anthony Molina-Iglesias
A photo of Anthony Molina-Iglesias

This is not the first time that Molina-Iglesias, who according to her relatives has never owned a camera, has used the photographer’s cunning. According to a February 1 Miami police report on another rape allegation against Molina-Iglesias, “a victim … revealed that she met the accused through a friend. Introduced himself as a photographer and offered to take free modeling photos of her.

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Craigslist’s “About” section includes a safety checklist which advises users to meet in public places, tell their friends or family where they are going, and “trust their gut”. The site, of course, is already well known to photographers as a great place to shop. stolen equipment, find unpaid work and spice up your wedding photography business with Nigerian check scams.

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Image credits: “Craigslist World Headquarters” by Calton, Anthony Molina-Iglesias booking shot by Dade County Corrections


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